Best Ukulele Brands in India Review

  • 7 Best Ukulele Guitars of 2021 for Beginners and Pros

7 Best Ukulele Guitars of 2021 for Beginners and Pros

Getting to play the guitar is superb, and the Ukulele models make it even more fun. But like most acoustic instruments out there in the market, it might have caught your attention that many manufacturers and brands craft these instruments. There are brands that are relatively more affordable when compared to others, there are some that focus on quality and not affordability, and we also have some brands that should be avoided.

We here think that before buying any Ukulele there are some critical parameters which buyers must check out for before making a purchase. These parameters include:

Material: There are three common materials used – plastic, solid wood, and laminate. The material with which the ukulele is designed determines the type of sound that comes off the uke.

Size: When it comes to sizes, there are 4 – concert, soprano, tenor and baritone. The size of any Ukulele decides the tonality and the level of comfort to some extent.

Purpose: The reason behind the choice of your Ukulele is another factor. There are ukes designed for various levels – beginners, amateurs, and pros. You will have to pick a uke that suits you. Only choose a higher-end Ukulele if you’re a professional.

Taking all of these into consideration, we have come up with seven exceptional Ukulele guitars that feature a touch of style and affordability without the expense of quality.

Alright, friends let’s get to it!

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The Kadence Soprano Ukulele is one of the trending acoustic instruments on the market. One can list ethical reasons that are perhaps responsible for this trend. First off, it features a light-weight mahogany wood craftsmanship and small elegant build which make it easy for kids and beginners to carry. It also has turning pegs which makes sure the tuning stays providing quality sounds as end products.

What’s more? Aside that this instrument is pocket friendly, unlike most other brands where you have to purchase some accessories separately, this is not the case here with the Kadence ukulele.

You get a tuner and gig bag on purchase of the instrument. So, you get to save some money. With Kadence ukulele it’s all about quality and affordability.

What We Like
  • Its features a light-weight making it easy to carry along
  • Awesome choice for beginners and kids that are looking to learn ukulele soprano basics
  • Great sound quality compared to other modern ukuleles
  • It includes a tuner which is essential in hit right sounds
  • A smooth finish made of mahogany wood and also comes with a gig bag for adequate storage
What We Didn't Like
  • The size of the ukulele is a small compared to the concert size
  • Somewhat dry fretboard
  • Gigbag quality is not too superb

1. Is there a warranty attached to this product?

Yes, the ukulele comes with one year warranty on purchase

2. Is this recommended for both beginners and intermediate players?

The Kadence soprano ukulele is built to meet the needs and style of both amateurs and intermediate players

3. What other accessories does one get on purchase of this ukulele?

Aside from the Ukulele itself, you get a tuner and a bag for easy storage on purchase.

4. Are extra strings made available on purchase?

There are no extra strings. However you are provided with the manufacturer’s string on purchase.

The Kadence ukulele is a renowned brand that is growing fast in India. This stunning instrument is a small size uke which is ideal for beginners. The size also makes it travel friendly for adults who like to be on the wheels often. Conclusively, we are positive this is one of the best soprano ukuleles you can find in the Indian market coming at its price range.

There are quite some features to look out for when purchasing any ukulele like the size, sound quality, body build, turning and more. Such requirements are what the Kadence Concert matches up with. It features a mahogany neck alongside a spruce body craftsmanship which gives it that elegant and unique feel.

The strings themselves are exceptional as there are nylons designed to produce quality sounds. Beginners and intermediate players can find this ukulele to be appealing as its users interface is friendly and intuitive.

Furthermore, you don’t need to spend a lot of cash in purchasing a quality ukulele as the Kadence Concert is one of the most affordable brands on the market without the expense of quality.

Kadence Ukulele Concert 24' Spruce Special
72 Reviews
Kadence Ukulele Concert 24" Spruce Special
  • ★ Great Gift for Beginners - Do you anyone that likes playing guitar or someone that just loves...
  • ★Well Made Spruce Craftsmanship: Smooth Spruce body produces a crisp and pleasant sound. Highly...
  • ★BEGINNER-READY: The ukulele for adults is excellent for beginners looking to start guitar...
What We Like
  • Excellent sound quality and playability
  • The Kadence Concert blends style and affordability
  • Intuitive and friendly user experience for amateurs who are learning to play
  • It comes with a gig bag for easy and adequate storage.
What We Didn't Like
  • Unlike the Kadence wanderer that includes a tuner, that is not included here.
  • Strings are a bit stiff, which however may be preferred by some persons.
  • Do experience a bit of tune instability

1. Does this ukulele include a tuner?

It’s already offering much at the said prices and due to that it doesn’t come with a tuner. You will have to buy this separately but are cheap.

2. Do you get a gig bag on purchase?

Yes, you get a free quality gig bag which you can use to store the instrument. This will go a long way to ensure longevity.

3. Is the ukulele concert size or soprano size?

This instrument is concert size featuring 24 inch, making it adequate for all adults.

4. Is there a product warranty?

There isn’t any product warranty. However, this is a brand that is vetted by users for longevity.

The Kadence Concert is an appealing instrument bigger than the soprano size considering that it features a length of 24”.  This makes it suitable for individuals with bigger index fingers. Beginners and professionals can find a smooth fretboard quite satisfying because it’s easy to use. Conclusively, this is one of the best concert ukuleles in India that blends style and affordability.

Are you in search of colourful glossy ukulele that compliments your style and persona? Simply get the Zabel soprano ukulele. Its vibrant red hue gives it a boost of style and visual satisfaction, tagging along with the Sapele wood to give it the smooth and luxurious finish. The ukulele features a maple wood neck that gives it the necessary sturdiness and durability.

Amateurs and beginners will find their haven in this blissful musical instrument crafted with a total of 15 frets alongside durable nylon strings. However, this ukulele may not be the premium choice for professional stage performance.

1. Does it come with a Gigbag on purchase?

Yes, this ukulele comes with a Gigbag for easy storage.

2. What is the size of this Ukulele?

The instrument is soprano size with a length of 22 inch.

3. Does the package come with a tuner?

No, there is no tuner. However, you can purchase one at a discounted price.

4. What’s the weight of this Ukulele?

It is light-weighted, and the instrument weighs 662gm. 

The Zabel soprano happens to be one of the best-looking musical instruments that beginners and travellers will find handy. Even though the sound quality isn’t flawless it’s definitely a decent Ukulele considering it’s economical price.

Zabel Soprano Ukulele, Red with Tuner
9 Reviews
Zabel Soprano Ukulele, Red with Tuner
  • Colour: Red
  • Nylon Strings
  • Durable Quality
What We Like
  • It’s a recommended choice for beginners and amateurs
  • Designed with hard Maplewood neck and durable string
  • This is one of the most economically priced uke in Indian market
  • A Gigbag for storage is included on purchase
What We Didn't Like
  • The uke does get out of tone frequently
  • A tuner is not included in the package

4. Martin Smith UK-212 Ukulele - Designed For Kids

Looking for a quality Ukulele for your kid that will be easy to learn and carry? Then, Martin Smith Uk-212 is the right choice to make. This musical instrument happens to be the most light-weighted and handy soprano ukulele on our list. It weighs about 372g and of four nylon strings with pleasant tuned sounds making it ideal for kids and beginners.

Also, the tuning is quite stable as you don’t have to frequently tune the instrument while playing thanks to the tuning pegs. Apart from the quality sound that goes off this instrument, you also get a Gigbag.

What’s more? The body build features a stylish glossy generic finish. Overall, this Uke will be of immense help to beginners, kids and amateurs who want to horn up their musical skill set.
  1. What other things come with the package?
    Aside from the ukulele which is already at an affordable price, you also get a Gigbag and tuning pegs on purchase.
  2. What kind of Wood is used?
    Martin Smith UK-212 is made of glossy Plywood
  3. What is the size of this instrument?
    The Martin Smith comes at a size of 13 inches.
  4. Is this suitable for a 5years old?
    Yes, this ukulele is specifically designed for kids and beginners.

I mean, at this price what can possibly go wrong? Whether you’re playing it yourself as a beginner or buying it for your kid, this Uke will most definitely provide music and fun all day. Overall, we are quite positive that this is the most fun Ukulele you can get for a kid or beginner.

What We Like
  • Tuning pegs makes it easier for Kids, beginners and amateurs to play
  • Stable tune, since it does not require tuning from time to time
  • High gloss finish
  • Portable and affordable without the expense of quality
What We Didn't Like
  • Only vetted for amateurs, kids and beginners but not for professionals
  • Gigbag is not of high quality

This is one of the most highly vetted Ukuleles on Amazon. This 23 inches concert-sized ukulele is crafted with a blend of three types of wood. The neck is made of Okoume, the fretboard features rosewood while the rest part of the instrument is made of Sapele wood. All of this combination comes together to ring out the best tones expelling from its nylon string.

Its masterpiece features a matte finish and light brown colour complimenting a woody texture which makes it a classic look. This Uke is designed with acrylic fret marks to ensure that the user harp on the right tone while singing with this musical piece.

That’s not all, the price for this musical instrument is pocket friendly making it an excellent choice for anyone starting their ukulele journey. It comes with 18 frets which extend to provide comfort when playing.

JUAREZ Estrélla 23' Concert Ukulele, Spruce Top, Mahogany Back & Side, ABS...
11 Reviews
JUAREZ Estrélla 23" Concert Ukulele, Spruce Top, Mahogany Back & Side, ABS...
  • Juârez Estrélla 23 Inch Concert Ukulele is a four-stringed plucked instrument, which is an easy to...
  • Solid Spruce Wood Top with Black ABS Binding, Mahogany Wood Back & Sides and Okoume neck bring you...
  • MADE IN ITALY SUPERNYLGUT AQUILA Brand Nylon strings produce really nice clear sound, also protect...
  1. What is the size of this Ukulele?
    The size of this musical instrument is 23 inches making it ideal for anyone to use.
  2.  Does this Ukulele come with a tuner?
    A tuner is not available. However you do get a Gigbag on the package
  3. What wood is it made of?
    It’s made of Okuome, rosewood and Sapaele wood giving the instrument its exceptionally unique sound.
  4. Can beginners make use of this Uke?
    Yes, it is recommended for beginners, amateurs and literally anyone that loves to play. Great choice!

This musical instrument happens to be one of the best Ukuleles in its price. The combination of wood which was featured in the craftsmanship gives it that clear, crisp and sweet undertone that is sound to none at its price. It’s a perfect piece for anyone that loves to play.

What We Like
  • The combination of wood entails on it classic sound quality
  • Best value for money without the absence of quality
  • Package comes with picks and Gigbag for easy storage
  • It’s compact and lightweight design make it easy to carry
What We Didn't Like
  • Does tend to require frequent tuning
  • The Ukulele does not come with a tuner

The Kadence Tenor is yet another ukulele that is trusted for quality and playability. The Tenor is a bit bigger when compared to the Soprano and Concert coming at 26 inches. The size has a bit of tenor and bass to the music as you play which will suit the style of professionals. The body is built with Mahogany Matte finish giving it that elegant look.

This Ukulele has a built-in equalizer which you can connect to an amplifier for large stage or hall performance. The smooth fretboard and bridge are made of rosewood which makes it easy and comfortable for anyone to hold and play be it a beginner or professional.

Like most renowned Ukulele in India made of nylon strings, this also is implored for the Kadence Tenor. You don’t need to always tune the instrument frequently when playing because the tuning pegs are stable. However, it also comes with a tuner if such need does arise.

What We Like
  • Excellent choice for anyone (Professionals or beginners)
  • Elegant body builds with a blend of rosewood and mahogany
  • The equalizer makes it possible to connect to an amplifier
  • It is affordable and traveller friendly
What We Didn't Like
  • Package does not come with a Gigbag
  • A bit of a problem with the frets


  1. What is the relevance of the equalizer?
    The equalizer allows you to connect to an amplifier especially for professional performance.
  2. Does the package come with a Gigbag?
    There is no Gigbag coming with the Instrument.
  3. Who can make use of this Ukulele?
    The Kadence tenor is recommended for all levels, whether beginners or professionals.
  4. What is the size of this equipment?
    The Kadence tenor features a size of 26 inches which surpasses the size of the soprano or concert.

The Kadence tenor is more like an all gainer has professionals and beginners can find it quite appealing. The equalizer makes the sound more audible than another in our list, which is recommended for stage performance. It has an easy and smooth body build which makes it easy for beginners to carry.

7. Nirvana Ukulele - Pickup & Tuner Included

If this is your first time purchasing a ukulele and you’re in search of a pocket-friendly model, then you have just found one. It is crafted with two woods which make the finishing perfect, expelling out warm and well-toned sound through the nylon string which a beginner will cherish. The body is made with Mahogany while the fret is made of ebony; this combination makes the sound it produces warm and sweet.

Coming at this price, it expels out a great tone for such an affordable model. Apart from the Ukulele the package also comes with a tuner. The Ukulele stays tuned without adjusting frequently unlike in some other brands.

  1. Who can make use of this Ukulele?
    This is a recommended brand for both beginners and amateurs.
  2. Does this Ukulele come with a Gigbag?
    The package does not come with a Gigbag.
  3. What material is this brand made of?
    The body is made of Mahogany while the fret is made of ebony.
  4. What is the size of this Ukulele?
    The size of this instrument is 23 inches.
If you’re just beginning your Ukulele journey, this is a brand you will want to consider. The Nirvana Concert brings style and affordability to the frontline for beginners and amateurs who want to horn up their skill.
What We Like
  • Smooth and elegant mahogany builds finish
  • A tuner is made available with the package
  • Portable and pocket friendly
  • Great choice for Beginners and amateur
What We Didn't Like
  • It doesn’t come with a Gigbag
  • It does not have an equalizer to amplifier sound
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Final Thoughts

Firstly, we will like to point out that the Ukulele features may not have the features that you want for your musical needs. So, feel free to take a survey from the seven exceptional Ukuleles in India we have provided. This is because, most times it all points down to who is making use of the Ukulele (Beginners, amateurs, professionals), and the purpose you’re buying the instrument.

With that being said according to our review, The Ukulele featuring our top pick is the Kadence Tenor Ukulele Kit Which is recommended for players at all levels. The lightweight design and sleek body create a haven for beginners and amateurs when carrying the instrument. Its equalizer makes it possible for a professional to connect an amplifier for more audibility when performing on a large hall.

Aside from the affordable price which the instrument comes at, there is no absence of quality because its craftsmanship features a blend of Okoume, rosewood and Sapele wood which makes the sound expelling from this musical piece second to none. 

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