Sandwich Maker Best Brands: All You Need To Know Before Buying

Gone are the days when people used to prepare sandwiches on gas ovens burning high quantities of gas and spoiling time. The modern-day sandwich makers are smart and perfect for preparing delicious sandwiches with any ingredients. These are also perfect for hectic lifestyles. You can prepare chicken sandwiches, vegetable sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, and many other drooling plates just in minutes without any helping hand or investing much time. Young Indians find electric sandwich makers a marvelous apparatus for experimenting with different and sometimes exceptional ingredients that their mothers never ever could imagine.

Today, you could find dozens of brands selling sandwich makers with different specifications, features, and Prices. You have to explore these brands to select the best sandwich maker within your budget. Here, we will explore the most popular brands in details. So, go through the entire article before taking any final decision.

Popular Types of Sandwich Makers Available In The Market Today

There are two types of sandwich makers swaying in the market:

  1. Panini Sandwich Maker – This is also known as Panini press that helps you to prepare varieties of sandwiches. It is actually a grill sandwich maker that you can use as a toaster too. So, if you buy a Panini press sandwich maker, you can prepare grilled sandwiches, toasts, patties, pancakes, and several other types of items of this category.
  2. Conventional Four-Triangle Sandwich Maker – People mostly use these sandwich makers. It is the most conventional type with two square plates with diagonal protruding indentions in both the compartments. When you place sandwiches or slices of bread in the square areas and lock the sandwich maker, four triangular sandwiches or toasts are formed. Some sandwich maker brands provide replicable plated one with these separate sections and another one rectangular in size with no compartments.

You can buy any type of sandwich maker depending on your needs and budgets. In fact, you can consider buying both types of sandwich makers for preparing wide varieties of healthy delicious items in minutes.

Key aspects you should consider while buying a sandwich maker

For the best experience, low power consumption, optimized performance, it is always advisable you explore the product as much as possible on the following parameters:

  1. Cooking Surface – It is the most important aspect but most overlooked one too. While buying a sandwich maker check the cooking surface well and ensure that it is a non-stick surface. Non-sticky plates are easy to clean and hygienic. Better if the surface is made of Teflon. Surface made of Teflon gets heated quickly and evenly that is important for making a sandwich. It also cools down quickly.
  2. Sandwich Maker Handles – The handle should not be too long or too short. It should come to your grip easily without touching the outer cover.  In cheaper versions, low quality plastics are used that lose sturdiness within a few months. Top brands use either high-quality plastics or a combination of steel and plastics that last really long.
  3. Size – Small size means you get smaller sandwiches and large size means more power consumption. So, choose exactly what you need. If you prefer to use large size pieces of bread to make your sandwiches then do not choose from a small sandwich maker. In that case, you will not get what you want. Some parts of the bread inside may also come out after you lock the handles. Power consumption may be a bit higher but the bigger size makes a sandwich maker suitable in every condition.
  4. Key Features – Modern sandwich makers are available in the market with different attractive features. Sandwich Maker Prices also vary according to the features. If you are interested in buying a common one with no extra features, you get them at lower sandwich Maker Prices than the ones that come with other features like pancakes maker, omelet maker, grill meat maker, and many others. 
  5. Sandwich Maker Price – This is one of the most important aspects. The market is flooding with lots of known and unknown brands with different sandwich Maker Price specifications. You must fix a budget only after reviewing 6-7 products. Cheap versions are always available but there is no guarantee that it will offer the best service year after year. Always fix your budget a slightly higher but not so high that it crosses all limits.

These are the most important parameters that you should consider seriously before taking any final decision. To get an in-depth idea on best sandwich makers, take a look at the next discussion where the most popular and highly demanded sandwich makers are described in details for your convenience.

7 Best Sandwich Makers In India: Complete Information For You

1. Havells Big Fill 900-Watt 2 Slice Sandwich Maker

It’s a gorgeous looking really big grilled sandwich maker. Its design is awesome and handles are perfectly sized for your grip. Havells sandwich maker can comfortably adjust the largest bread sizes and even pure India handmade bread. So, it gives you a scope to prepare a wide array of delicacies.


Here are the specifications of Havells sandwich maker for upgrading your knowledge on this product:

  • Outer Cover – Outer cover is made of stainless steel. It is covering a strong high-quality plastic layer so no worries of getting electrified in case of any electrical default.
  • Power cord – Power cord is very safe and long enough to adjust in any Indian kitchen or dining room.
  • Power Indicators – Two indicators red and green. Red means it is still working, green means your sandwich is ready to serve.
  • Plate quality – Non-stick big size plate with deeper grooves.
  • Handle – Hinged lock (manual lock) plastic coated handle.
  • Power consumption – 900Watt
  • Sandwich Maker Price – Low

Now let’s check the pros and cons of the product to explore the product from every possible aspect.


  • It is a big sized sandwich maker to easily adjust any normal size bread.
  • Works quickly and indicators are there to help you understand when the sandwich is ready.
  • Handles lock perfectly and handles are very sturdy.
  • Heats up fast, work fast, and takes 3-5 minutes to grill two sandwiches.
  • Just perfect for making any types of sandwiches and several other similar kinds of items.
  • Non-stick plates easy to clean and work.


  • Grilling is uneven sometimes so some places of a sandwich may look nicely grilled and some places are not.
  • There is no demarcation or compartments for adjusting two sandwiches or bread.
  • As the product gets older (2-3 years), you may find the plates are losing their non-sticky character. However, this is not a common occurrence.

2. Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker

This gorgeous looking jet-black sandwich Philips sandwich maker is always the owner’s pride. Its design is very updated and stylish. The younger generations of Indians such as college students and new professionals buy this grilled sandwich maker for a quick breakfast. It is easy to handle and makes perfectly grilled sandwiches.


Here are important details of Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker (Black):

  • Colours available – White and Beige
  • Outer cover – Hard-tempered, shock-proof, metal-lie strong plastic cover. It is capable of withstanding high temperature.
  • Power cord – The power cord is perfectly insulated and safe to use in any weather condition. It is 0.8m long.
  • Power indicators – Two power indicators are present red and green. Red indicates it is working and green indicates your sandwich is ready to serve.
  • Plate quality – Non-stick cut and seal plates can accommodate normal sized slices of bread comfortably.
  • Handle – Smooth and sturdy handle, very compact and rubber fit. It is made up of pushdown locking system.
  • Power consumption – 820 Watt
  • Sandwich Maker Price – Medium

Now, have a quick look at the pros and cons of the product that would help you make the vital decision whether to buy it or not.


  • It heats up really fast and makes perfectly grilled tasty sandwiches.
  • Power indicators are there to assist you when to switch off and take pot the sandwiches.
  • Cut and seal non-sticky plates help to place the sandwiches to be grilled properly.
  • Cut and non-sticky plates seal the ingredients inside a sandwich even semi-liquid ingredients like butter, cheese, and jelly do not splash out.
  • Plates are smooth and sturdy, these are easy to clean and keep dry.
  • Push down locking system is an added advantage that you can handle in own hand.
  • Power consumption is low; hence, does not add much to your monthly electric bill.


  • The outer cover is not metallic.
  • The power cord is not long enough; you may need to add an extension cord.
  • Not suitable for large size bread.

3. Usha 3772 750 -Watt 2-Slice Sandwich Toaster

This stylish sandwich maker will catch your attention due to its sleek look and extraordinary design.  It is compact and sturdy. This Usha sandwich maker needs minimum maintenance. It can be a good investment as it can serve for many years with equal capacity.


  • Colours available – Stainless steel and Black
  • Outer cover – The outer cover is made of stainless steel, it is strong and rust-proof.
  • Power cord – The power cord is flexible and insulated. It comes with 6-ampere three-pin plug. The power cord is 0.9m long.
  • Power indicators – The product comes with two power indicators. Red indicates it is working and green indicates your sandwich is ready to serve.
  • Plate quality – Non-stick Teflon coated plate to accommodate normal size bread that most of the Indians use.
  • Handle – The handle is compact and heatproof. It has a wider locking system for thicker sandwiches.
  • Power consumption – 750 Watt
  • Sandwich Maker Price – Low

Now, let’s see the pros and cons of the product to help you make the right decision while buying a sandwich maker.


  • Non-stick Teflon coated the plate with two separate compartments for two sandwiches.
  • Inner parts are easy to wash and keep dry.
  • It consumes low electricity.
  • The body is designed to insulate heat in two stages; hence, when the inside temperature is quite high outside remains normal.
  • Handles are heat insulated and locking system is really strong.


  • The power cord is not long enough; you may need an extension cord.
  • Not suitable for those who want large size sandwiches.

4. Nova NGS 2449 1000 Watt Panini Sandwich Grill Maker

The product is perfect for 5-6 family members and for small families it saves loads of time and energy. It is a Panini sandwich maker which can also grill sandwiches nicely. Indians are using it for preparing other regular foods such as paneer tikkas, grilling chicken and mutton, heating handmade bread, and making pancakes.


  • Colours available – Black and Grey
  • Outer cover – Stainless steel made outer cover which is tough, rust-proof, and easy to clean.  
  • Power cord – The power cord is bendable and properly insulated. It comes with 6-ampere three-pin plug. The power cord is 0.9m long.
  • Power indicators – Nova Panini Grill sandwich maker comes with two power indicators. Red indicates power is on and green indicates your sandwich grilling inside. Green turns off automatically indicating the sandwiches are ready. 
  • Plate quality – Non-stick Teflon coated the plate. The size of the plate is 253×178 mm. There are no separate compartments for sandwiches. It is designed to held normal size bread sandwiches easily
  • Handle – The handle is hard plastic coated and heatproof. It contains easy-to-handle normal manual hinge locking system.
  • Power consumption – 1000 Watts
  • Sandwich Maker Price – Low

Now, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this extremely popular Panini sandwich maker.


  • Non-stick plate made of double Teflon coating makes the plate tough yet smooth.
  • Sleek design and rubber-coated stands safe to handle and easily placed on surface.
  • Accommodates two sandwiches easily, perfect for Indian kitchens as it can be used for making several other food items.
  • Cleaning is easy and fast.
  • Grills and toasts evenly and fast.
  • Vertical storage facility; so, you can easily place it in a small place or carry it easily.


  • The power cord is not long enough so you may need an extension cord.
  • Not suitable for jumbo-sized bread.

5. Morphy Richards SM3007(G) 750-Watt 2 Slice Grill Toaster

This round shaped portable sandwich maker has won the heart of millions of Indians, especially elder people who cannot spend a long time in kitchens and younger generations who have no time to spend long hours in the kitchen. The product is compact, handy, and affordable.


  • Outer cover – Tough plastic made outer cover is scratch-free and smooth.
  • Power cord – Scientifically insulated foldable power cord. A place for folding power cord.
  • Power indicators – Two power indicators like any other product of this category. Red indicates the grilling process going on and the green indicates grilling is complete.
  • Plate quality – The plate is a Teflon made a non-stick rectangular plate.
  • Handle – Sturdy, round-shaped, heat-proof, easy gripping handle with manual hinged locking system
  • Power consumption – 750 Watt
  • Sandwich Maker Price – Low

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of the product in details.


  • Works fast and provides nicely grilled sandwiches.
  • Appropriate for normal-sized bread that is mostly consumed in India.
  • Non-stick grilling plate is easy to handle and clean.
  • The handle is very scientific and smooth, it does not get heated.
  • Indicators work perfectly.
  • Rubber coated stands keep the system fixed.
  • Doesn’t consume high power.


  • Cannot accommodate large size slices of bread and buns.
  • Not suitable for thick sandwiches.
  • Remains a chance of spilling over cheese and butter.
  • The cord is not long enough, you may need an extension cord.

6. Prestige PSMCB 800-Watt Sandwich Maker

With Prestige Sandwich maker, delicious, evenly grilled, and toasted sandwiches are now easy to make any time. The product is simply outstanding and modern in every sense.


  • Colour – Elegant black
  • Outer cover – Tough and smooth scratch-free gorgeous looking steel-top outer cover.
  • Power cord – Foldable power cord. 0.9 m long with a three-pin plug.
  • Power indicators – Two power indicators. Red indicates the grilling process going on and the green indicates grilling is complete.
  • Plate quality – Non-stick rectangular plate. The company provides interchangeable plates one with compartments and another grilling plate without compartments.
  • Handle – Classy handle, easy to grip, heat-proof, with manual hinged locking system.
  • Power consumption – 800 Watt
  • Sandwich Maker Price – High

Now, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the product. It will help you to take a quick decision.


  • Non-stick plates require just a few drops of oil to prepare a sandwich.
  • The company provides two plates that you can use as per your requirement and convenience.
  • Portable product and can adjust in a small place.
  • Grilling really fast and toasting is always perfect.
  • Indicators work perfectly.


  • Just good for small normal size bread, large slices of bread cannot be placed in it.
  • Consumes a bit more power than other similar types of products.

7. Borosil Jumbo 1000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker

As the name suggests, it is indeed a jumbo-sized sandwich maker that you can use for various other purposes too like grilling chicken, preparing pancakes, and making an oil-free omelette. It works in minutes and just perfect for a 5-6 member family who requires sandwiches frequently. Borosil is a popular brand in kitchen appliance section. So, you can always go for this jumbo-sized grill sandwich maker that works really fast.


  • Outer cover – Stainless steel mirror finish body.
  • Power cord – Normal power cord finely insulated.
  • Power indicators – Two power indicators on the upper cover, red and green. Red signifies the grilling process is on and green indicates it is completed.
  • Plate quality – It is a Teflon made non-stick plate. There are no separate compartments. Plate size is 276x135mm.
  • Handle – Sturdy, heat-proof, easy gripping handle. The product is designed with auto-lock latch.
  • Power consumption – 1000 Watt
  • Sandwich Maker Price – High

No, let’s see its pros and cons for more an in-depth understanding of the product from different aspects.


  • It nicely accommodates to large size sandwiches.
  • Teflon-made plates perform well for years.
  • Plates are easy to wash and keep dry.
  • Works really fast and takes 2-3 minutes for normal grilling.
  • No locking hazard, it has an auto-latching system.


  • Power consumption is high in comparison to other similar products.
  • As no manual locking system, thick sandwiches keep it slightly open.
  • Deep grilling takes time.  

Sandwich Makers In India – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Follow the steps below to use a sandwich maker:
• Open the sandwich maker and use a clean piece of cloth or brush to clean it.
• Lock the sandwich maker and plug it in.
• Switch on, in most of the sandwich makers, the red light starts glowing.
• Switch off after 15-30 seconds and unlock it, the plates are not slightly heated.
• Now, put sandwiches inside. You may need to spread a few drops of oil or butter before putting the sandwiches.
• Lock the machine and switch on. The red light glows.
• Wait for a few minutes until the green light glows.
• As the green light glows, switch off and unlock the sandwich maker.
• Take the ready sandwiches out cautiously.
• If you need deep grilling, then keep the power on for another 30-45 seconds after the green light glows.
It is easy. Take two pieces of bread and spread butter or cheese over the surfaces of both or any one of the bread slices. Now, put all the ingredients on one slice and put the other slice over it just like a lid. Keep it in a clean dish. Now, slightly heat up the sandwich maker’s plate and place the raw sandwich on the non-stick plate. After that follow the following steps:
• Lock the sandwich maker and switch on the power source.
• As the red indicator glows wait for a few minutes till the green indicator glows and red indicator stops.
• Unlock the system. Your tasty sandwich is ready.
Grill sandwich maker is the most popular and conventional sandwich maker that millions of Indians use these days. Follow the steps below to use a grill sandwich maker:
• Lock the empty sandwich maker and preheat it until the green light glows.
• Lightly butter or oil the upper sides of both the bread slices.
• Alternatively, you can butter or oil both surfaces of the plate.
• Prepare the sandwich with all the ingredients you want.
• Place the sandwich on the plate, if there are two, place then side by side or in the compartments.
• Cook for a few minutes until the green indicator glows again, wait for another 30 minutes after switching off the power source.
• Unlock the system and your grill sandwich is ready.
There are several sandwich maker brands really popular in India such as Havell’s, Philips, Usha, Nova, Murphy, Prestige, and Borosil. Select the one you prefer most after exploring their features.


Sandwich makers make your cooking easy and fast. In India, sandwich makers are not just conventional sandwich makers but a productive cooking appliance for the preparation of several types of delicious plates. Various sandwich makers are available in the market with distinct features and facilities. Buy a popular brand as per your need and budget.

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