10 Spectacular Induction Cooktops Of The Contemporary Kitchenware Market

10 Spectacular Induction Cooktops Of The Contemporary Kitchenware Market

The Onslaught of Induction Cooktops

Evolution has played a vast role in our lives. Not only did it evolve us from our distant ape cousins into the humans that we are today, but it also provided us with the ability to craft advanced tools that we could use to our bidding. One such area in which evolution has graciously supplemented us with is for our kitchenware.

With each passing day, our kitchenware is evolving to supplement our need for an enhanced cooking experience. And this couldn’t be more apparent than the emerging technologies like chimneys, advanced utensils, slicers, grinders, and such. One such technology that finds its origins in the same legacy of advanced kitchenware is induction cooktops.

The best induction stove has overtaken the world by a storm. Since eons, gas and electric cooktops have overly dominated the kitchen-space, all due to their respective benefits. On one hand, gas cooktops are preferred for their superior ability to provide consistent amounts of heat. And, on the other hand, electric cooktops are known for being easily cleanable. It was the combination of these two technologies that breathed life into an electric induction stove.

A Glimpse Into The World of Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops have stemmed from the legacy of both gas and electric cooktops. Therefore, it is natural for them to have traits belong to both these counterparts. However, they also have certain stark contrasts as well.

The most prominent similarities are the ones that have already been mentioned. The best induction stove consistently provides desired levels of heat for perfectly cooking your food while being easily cleanable. However, the differences lie in its method of operation. Unlike either its parents, induction cooktops utilize magnetic currents to directly heat your pots and pans, instead of the cooktop.

Resultingly, your cooking experience becomes greatly enhanced owing to favorable factors, such as quicker heating, temperature control, easy cleanup, and so forth. And it these factors, as well, that have caused quite an uproar amongst people, propelling them to invest in an induction cooktop.

Your Personal Checklist For Investing In An Induction Cooktop

Now, let’s be honest. The uproar caused by the onslaught of the various best induction stove in India might have surely affected you at one time or the other in the not-so-distant past. In fact, you might even have embarked on a journey to find that perfect cooktop, capable of suiting your needs. But, alas, if are reading this article, it is evident that you haven’t found it. Yet.

There could be plenty of reasons as to why you haven’t found the perfect cooktop. Maybe you didn’t know if you were buying the right product. Maybe the cooktop that you found didn’t have the required features. Or maybe, the cooktop that you did find wasn’t within your budget. However, that ends now.

To help you, we have provided a guide of the finest range of factors to help you choose the perfect induction cooktop. Here are the aforementioned factors:

  • Cooktop Size The cooktop size is the first thing that you need to review. Even before you start planning to purchase an induction cooktop, you need to assess whether or not there is enough space for you to accommodate that particular cooktop. You needn’t worry about this, though. The market is flooded with products of varying sizes, ensuring that you’ll find a product fitting your size requirements.
  • Power The factor of power rating comes into play when you analyze the heating functions of the induction cooktop. Power plays a fundamental in deciding the heat emitted by the cooktop. Therefore, while choosing a cooktop for yourself, make sure that you look for a model that emanates high rates of heat while consuming power effectively.
  • Number of Cooking Zones The number of cooking zones depends totally on how you envision cooking to be. If cooking is more than just a routine for you, then you should go for an induction cooktop that features more than just one cooking zone. This will allow you to prepare numerous dishes simultaneously to your heart’s desire. If not, it would be preferable for you to choose an induction cooktop with a single cooking zone.
  • Auto Shutdown Life is often hectic and it isn’t uncommon for one aspect of life to slide down into another. But this shouldn’t drive a stake through the food that you prepared wholeheartedly. An auto-shutdown feature becomes a blessing in such cases. The feature ensures that if you ever find the need to shut down the best induction stove in India as soon as the food is cooked, you can do so without overcooking or burning it.
  • Warranty Like other products, your induction cooktop, too, isn’t imperishable. In fact, it is quite as likely to get damaged way earlier than they should. A manufacturer’s warranty can serve you greatly in such situations. Therefore, you should always look for products that come along with at least 24-48 months of warranty.
  • Price Finally, the most important factor for purchasing any product, i.e. the induction stove price. Before you can invest an extravagant amount of money on any induction cooktop of your choice, you should observe your choices with the utmost scrutiny. This involves various factors, including the ones that have been mentioned above. Make sure that you don’t purchase a product by jumping to conclusions. Moreover, you should always opt for an induction stove price that offers maximum features at your budget.

The Best Induction Cooktops Available In India

The recent times have shown a pretty visualization of the boom of electric induction stove in India. And there are various factors which have made this possible, naming which requires a section of its own. However, naming a few of the most prominent names associated with induction cooktops won’t be that hard. Here are the same:

  1. Butterfly Jet Power HOB
  2. iBELL Cloud 850Y
  3. Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01
  4. Preethi Trendy Plus IC 116
  5. Havells Insta Cook PT
  6. Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01
  7. Usha Cook Joy (3616)
  8. Bajaj Majesty ICX 7
  9. Prestige PIC 1.0 Mini
  10. Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise

Let’s look into these cooktops individually as we help you to figure out the induction cooktop that could be the most beneficial for your needs and wants.

Butterfly Jet Power HOB

About: The first induction cooktop review on our list is the Butterfly Jet Power HOB. This phenomenal product features a wide range of specifications such as multiple cooking modes, energy-efficient features, different power levels for preparing different cuisines, a voltage cut-off facility, advanced touch features, and an easy-to-clean surface. It is owing to such features that make cooking a quicker, safer, and elegant experience for you.

Specifications: Amongst the various features mentioned above, the most prominent rating that makes the Butterfly Jet Power HOB, an incredible product are:

  • The compactness of the product ensures easy handling and storage for your needs.
  • A large screen display facilitates easy programming of your required cooking mode.
  • A 1600 W power utility ensures easy and quick cooking of your preferred dishes.
  • The inclusion of an auto-shutdown program assures safety and reliance.
  • An additional 1-year warranty on the product provides assurances of quality.


  • The product’s insubstantial weight facilitates easy transportation and relocation.
  • The simplified user interface ensures that you don’t have to spend much time in understanding the product operation.


  • Customers have often complained about the stand breaking down from heat owing to constant usage.
  • Continual usage of the induction cooktop causes the stove to crack in a matter of months.
  • Lack of proper customer service causes problems when the cooktop gets prematurely damaged.

Link: https://www.amazon.in/Butterfly-Glass-Induction-Stove-Black/dp/B073TLJ3C8/

iBELL Cloud 850Y

About: Perfection in cooking is defined by the iBELL Cloud 850Y. And, naturally, you might be wondering why? For starters, the Cloud 850Y brings in the most extraordinary features on its end that amplify cooking abilities in the best possible way. With such features as automatic voltage regulators, durable materials, power-saving technology, and more, you can rest assured cook delicious cuisines while conserving the environment, simultaneously.  

Specifications: You might be thinking that the above-mentioned features make the iBELL Cloud 850Y a lucrative product for your needs. But, what if we told that those features don’t even begin to define the cooktop? With the arsenal of features that this brand guide along with itself, this induction cooktop is sure to amaze you every time you utilize it:

  • Supreme 2000 W power capacity ensures quick and for various aromatic dishes.
  • The lengthy cable of 1.5 m ensures easy usage with power outlets placed far apart.
  • High-quality crystal glass ensures proper placement of dishes for various operations.
  • The adaptability of a wide range of voltages for safe usage.
  • An auto-shutdown feature protects the appliance from overheating.
  • Inclusion of a standard 1-year warranty, extensible by 6 months on free registration.


  • Easy programming allows you to cook your favorite dishes without any hassles.
  • Lack of heating issues provides a guarantee on the auto-shutdown feature.
  • A supreme product quality ensures durability for an extended period of use.
  • The lightweight product ensures that you don’t face any problems in product relocation.
  • Cost-effectiveness ensures that the 2000 W induction cooktop costs significantly less than other brands.


  • Noisy operation from the cooktop often becomes a huge source of the disturbance.
  • The accompanying stand from the product is known to break upon use.
  • The provision of limited service centers makes situations hectic during product damage.
  • The customer service provided is quite substandard

Link: https://www.amazon.in/iBELL-Glass-Induction-Cooktop-Protection/dp/B07MZVMWWC/

Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01

About: In our introduction above, you were acquainted with how induction cooktops utilize the power of electromagnetic induction for their work functions. However, barely any cooktops do so as effectively as the Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01. This Philips induction stove effacaciously seals all nutrients, thereby preventing the loss of any essential vitamins. Furthermore, the HD4928/01 drastically lessens your time spent in the kitchen. Accompanying the cooktop is more than six cooking modes. These modes ensure that you don’t spend any of your valuable time in programming the cooktop for every individual cuisine. Just choose a particular mode and you’re good to go.

Specifications: Be as great as it is at channeling the power of electromagnetic induction, that isn’t all that the cooktop is capable of doing. In fact, there are so many more features that the Philips induction stove brings along with itself.

  • Enhanced cooking experience that comes in the absence of a flame.
  • Feature-touch buttons ensure easy-to-use touch features for the cooktop.
  • The operating power of 2100 W ensures quick cooking for a variety of cuisines.
  • Useful accessories such as utensils and user manual are included with the package.
  • Dedicated Indian programming eliminates hassles while cooking Indian cuisine.
  • Finally, a 1-year warranty further seals the deal with the product.


  • Easy cleanup features effortlessly take care of even the worst liquid spillages.
  • Programmed menus transform the cooktop into a highly user-friendly product.s
  • Lightweight infrastructure takes care of all relocation needs and purposes.
  • The timer function allows you to easily perform while preparing your food.
  • Attractive designs on the cooktop are sure to mesmerize you as you cook.


  • The cooktop at its highest power tends to blacken the base of the utensil if used for any purpose other than boiling water.
  • The plastic at the rear end is often witnessed to melt down due to the extreme heat rising from the body.
  • Short-circuiting from the cooktop has also been a major source of complaints.

Link: https://www.amazon.in/Philips-Collection-HD4928-01-2100-Watt/dp/B00EDJJ7FS/

Preethi Trendy Plus IC 116

About: If designs could kill, then the Preethi Trendy Plus IC 116 can certainly fell a few people around it. The cooktop has been impeccably designed with a minimalistic and contemporary approach that is visible at first impressions. Filled to the brim with features that amend cooking to a flexible form of art from just a quick job, the Preethi Trendy Plus IC 116 is certainly a product of diligent research generated from an extensive base of consumer feedback.

Specifications: Since its release, the Preethi Trendy Plus IC 116 has received numerous acclamations. There are various factors that have culminated in creating such status for itself, one such factor being the specifications with which it has been created. A few of such specifications are:

  • One-touch menus assist in effortlessly providing access to the various features.
  • A high-quality ceramic baseplate ensures durability by capably withstanding high temperatures.
  • The 1600 W operating power facilitates the speedy preparation of food.
  • The large surface area of the cooktop ensures easy accommodation of large utensils.
  • The included 1-year warranty finally seals the deal for the product.


  • Quicker and finer cooking than induction cooktops lying in the same range.
  • The usage of supreme materials easily sustains all minor accidents.
  • Effective customer service doesn’t abandon you if the cooktop malfunctions.
  • Works fantastically in the long term without being a source of problems for users.
  • The value for money ratio works well in favor of the product.


  • The cooktop emits obnoxiously loud noises during operation.
  • Temperature control often fails to work while working with certain modes.

Link: https://www.amazon.in/Preethi-Trendy-Plus-116-1600-Watt/dp/B00LWX24GW/

Havells Insta Cook PT

About: The newest offering from Havells comes in the form of the Insta Cook PT, an induction cooktop which is all about getting the work done quickly. It isn’t unknown that a gas top makes cooking both space and time-consuming. And it here that the Insta Cook PT comes into play. This induction cooktop will compel you to ditch your gas-top and replace it with this piece of art that supports features from auto pan detection, auto power-off, and extremely quick cooking. Being highly environmental-friendly, the Havells Insta Cook PT also provides you with the satisfaction of playing a part in conserving the environment as you use it.

Specifications: Now, hold on there. You didn’t think that those features were all that Havells Insta Cook PT provided you with, right? Well, we are glad if you didn’t, because the specifications provided with it are much better than you can imagine. And, here they are:

  • Variable power control forwards complete control of the power over to you.
  • Prominent digital LED display facilitates easy interpretation and operation.
  • A timer feature allows you to easily time the processes for your cooking.
  • Automatic features such as pan detection and power-off further the safety provided.
  • Numerous ooking modes ensure the freedom for preparing any dish of your liking.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of utensils makes it truly universal kitchenware.


  • Product durability and versatility ensure long-term usage over numerous years.
  • Smart auto shutdown detects liquids as well to ensure that they never overflow.
  • Energy-efficiency restricts a great extent of energy usage while making simple meals.
  • An exceptionally well-designed product that feels oddly satisfying for the eyes.
  • Value for money.


  • The buttons provided need firm usage for them to respond.
  • Variable power control makes it quite difficult to control the temperature.
  • Noisy operation from the cooktop becomes a problem for numerous customers.

Link: https://www.amazon.in/Havells-Insta-Cook-PT-1600-Watt/dp/B00RGQ94DU/

Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01

About: The Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 could be best described as an elder sibling to the above-mentioned HD4928/01. This cooktop does all that its former model could and more. Designed solely to elevate your cooking experience, this product provides features such as quick heating, energy efficiency, and fast cooking, all of which are lacking in a conventional gas stove. The HD4938/01 also takes healthy cooking to a whole different level. Unlike in traditional conventional induction cooktops where the nutrients are all lost, the Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 seals the nutrition into the food. Furthermore, being quite simple to use and cost-effective, we wouldn’t be surprised if you chose this induction cooktop as the preferred cooktop of your choice.

Specifications: Now that your interests regarding the Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 have been piqued, we wouldn’t want to let it all be a farce and not tell you about the other features that come along with it, now would we? Hence, allow us to introduce other features, such as:

  • Inclusion of 10 varied ranges of Indian cuisines for the various recepies available.
  • A high-quality full glass panel provides a premium finish and easy cooking.
  • Sensor-based keys further enhance the premium product to give it a premium feel.
  • The auto-off program takes away all your worry regarding the safety involved.
  • The 2100 W operating power ensures that the food is cooked swiftly.
  • A 24-hour delayed cooking timer furthers your planning for food that is cooked later.


  • Electricity consumption is 30%-40% lesser than other cooktops in the same range.
  • The sensor-based keys are quite responsive and don’t need much coercion to work.
  • Being easily cleanable, the cooktop can be cleaned easily with simple liquids.
  • Quick base plate cooldown ensures that you don’t burn your hand while handling it.
  • Easy menus on the product make it a quite beginner-friendly product.


  • Continual cleaning is a must for the proper usage of the coil that lies within.
  • Heating issues are seen to occur within a few months of continual usage.
  • The labels on the buttons tend to fade off within a few months.
  • The heating provided by the cooktops isn’t consistent enough in certain modes.

Link: https://www.amazon.in/Philips-Collection-HD4938-01-2100-Watt/dp/B00EDJIWFY/

Usha Cook Joy (3616)

About: Once upon a time, the Usha Cook Joy (3616) was a quite popular commodity amongst students, particularly individuals living far away from home. The reason? Quick and hassle-free cooking. However, it isn’t as popular amongst the students anymore. In fact, it has become more of a household name, being highly popular amongst various households. Developed with state-of-the-art technology and technologically-advanced components, the Usha Cook Joy brings forward the best of both worlds by combining design with superior components. Furthermore, with a sleek design and easily cleanable body, this induction cooktop significantly reduces all your hassles. Finally, the auto-shutdown feature constantly ensures that your safety is your priority.

Specifications: Now, we already discussed the quick and hassle-free handling that Usha Cook Joy (3616) brings along with itself. That was, afterall, the most prominent feature which made it quite popular amongst youngsters. However, resting under the hood are a few more unexplored features that will surely catch your glance. A few of these are:

  • Intelligent power-saving which does not spend more energy than needed.
  • Pan-sensing technology, combined with manual settings for a customizable experience.
  • Pre-programmed 5 menu options to further ensure easy cooking.
  • 1600 W power consumption quality facilitates quick cooking.
  • Safety assurance with voltage fluctuation resistance upto 1500 volts.
  • An included 1-year warranty to further the assurance provided by the product.


  • Supreme quality induction cooktop covering all the while on a budget.
  • Strongly-built device ensuring durability over numerous years.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Prominent package instructions for all customers to understand.
  • Energy-efficiency that ensures electricity conservation during operation.


  • Lack of a Pause button which is common amongst cooktops at the same range.
  • Noisy operation which offends a lot of people.
  • Violent vibrations during operation jerk the utensils across the base plate.
  • Overheating may cause frequent auto switch-off which is quite annoying.

Link: https://www.amazon.in/Usha-1600-Watt-Induction-Cooktop-Black/dp/B072PXYG1R/

Bajaj Majesty ICX 7

About: The best feature for the Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 would, undoubtedly, be the preset programming on the cooktop. Equipped with several cooking modes, digital displays, variable temperature selection options, and much more, the cooktop completely adapts to your needs to provide you exactly with the services that you need. Furthermore, an advanced auto-detection feature, the Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 ensures prime safety and does not allow the operations to proceed without a compatible utensil upon it. With induction cooktops such as these, Bajaj surely makes the entire experience a compact and hassle-free experience.

Specifications: So, you were introduced to the prime features that make the Majesty ICX 7, a product worthy of its title. Now, its time to look under the hood to find out the technologies that lie hidden within the hull of the product. These are the aformentioned specifications:

  • Keep warm mode that standbies the cooktop as you circle through the dishes.
  • A dedicated power switch displays the total power consumed during current usage.
  • 8-menu preset modes provide sufficient freedom for cooking any dish that you want.
  • The auto-shutdown feature turns the cooktop off if no vessel is detected.
  • The 1-year warranty provides the final assurances about the product.


  • A quality product emphasizing long-term usage over a period of years.
  • Good build quality ensures that a worry-free experience from minor accidents.
  • The temperature control feature places complete control in your hand.
  • The provision of an extra utensil eliminates the hassle of buying utensils.
  • Easily cleanable product.
  • The 1-year warranty ensures that you’re not stranded in the event of any problems.


  • Lack of feather-touch button making the cooktop appear cheap.
  • Slightly complex UI which isn’t for all users.
  • Poor after sales service.

Link: https://www.amazon.in/Bajaj-Majesty-ICX-1900-Watt-Induction/dp/B008YW8KXK/

Prestige PIC 1.0 Mini

About: And there it is. The godfather brand of all kitchenware appliances and utensils available out there, Prestige has been tirelessly serving people for numerous decades now. And they continue to do so with a new Prestige induction stove, namely the PIC 1.0 Mini. With soft and consistent buttons, anti-magnetic wall features, durable elements, this induction cooktop is sure to provide a cooking experience of a whole new level. However, that is not all that the PIC 1.0 Mini is capable of providing. While cooking food faster, the PIC 1.0 Mini simultaneously consumes less power, making it a win-win situation for all. Furthermore, with compactness in design and advanced features, this is certainly a product deserving of that space in your kitchen.

Specifications: Now, we know what you might be thinking. Aren’t the above-mentioned features of the Prestige induction stove quite similar to the various induction cooktops that we have mentioned above? Well, you’re right but wrong as well. For the PIC 1.0 Mini impresses its customers not with the features that it provides, but with the quality of their services. And keeping with this, here are the specifications that make it a lucrative product:

  • A wide array of Indian cuisine options for easy and quick cooking.
  • Soft push buttons displaying the premium quality of the product.
  • Automatic voltage regulators ensuring the safety of the product.
  • Wider display panels allow more prominently visible displays.
  • Inclusion of a 1-year warranty on the product provideing assurances on the quality.


  • Sleek and compact cooktop ensuring that the product can be fitted in any kitchen.
  • Lightweight while being built with the most premium of components.
  • Rapid heating ensures quick usage without facing any delays.
  • Lack of a myriad range of buttons removes confusion regarding button usage.
  • The lightweight nature makes it a product, perfect for traveling.


  • Buttons, although less in number, are quite sloppy making the product feel cheap.

Link: https://www.amazon.in/Prestige-PIC-1-0-Mini-1200-Watt/dp/B00935MBPK/

Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise

About: And finally, we reach the Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise, the final product on our list. The Cruise is a must-have product which is a must for all modern-day kitchens. Being quite portable with high-heating abilities, this Pigeon induction stove does an admirable job of providing accessibility along with performance. Moreover, Cruise is also an exemplary example of an induction cooktop that stresses heavily on providing the correct nutrition to people. With offerings such as healthy cooking options, rapid heating, and such, the Cruise is one such cooktop that deserves to be on your kitchen counter.

Specifications: Now that we have covered the most important parts of the Pigeon induction stove, it is customary that we checked out the components that lie in wait under the hood. And here they are:

  • 7-segment LED display that notifies the power utilized and temperature.
  • High-grade electrical components for protecting the cooktop from short-circuit.
  • Superior plate cans capable of withstanding high temperatures.
  • Manual temperature control for food preparation at desired temperatures.
  • Soft push buttons for a more premium feel upon use.
  • 1-year warranty that takes care of problems that occurred after purchases.
  • Energy-efficient technology capable of saving 93% of the energy used.


  • Supreme build quality ensuring durability on a long-term basis.
  • Easy operations eliminating the need for a user manual for use.
  • Best value for money product.
  • A single button for taking care of all the available functions and modes.


  • Dishes requiring extremely hot temperatures cannot be prepared with this cooktop.
  • The limited availability of buttons often irks customers.

Link: https://www.amazon.in/Pigeon-Stovekraft-Cruise-1800-Watt-Induction/dp/B01GFTEV5Y/

Final Thoughts

And there you go. Now you know everything regarding the induction cooktops and the factors that you need to know before buying them. Moreover, you have also been acquainted with the most breathtaking offerings available. Now it is upon you to choose that perfect cooker that suits your needs and wants. In spite of this, if you still feel confused regarding a particular product, you can unhesitatingly contact the brand of your choice and clear all your doubts regarding a particular matter.

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