7 Best Guitar Amplifiers in India

  • Which are Best Guitar Amplifiers in India?

Which are Best Guitar Amplifiers in India?

Are you wondering why you need a guitar amplifier as a musician? A guitar amplifier is simply a musical instrument which extends the weak electric signal picked up from a guitar (electric or acoustic) and produces powerful sound through speakers.

In other words, an amplifier is a must-have for playing a guitar whether you’re a musician or not. Why do you ask? This is because it takes your tone to a whole different level using its effects and sound systems.

Before now most individuals had the notion that only musicians need amplifiers and not beginners. Well, friends that is not true, it does not matter whether you play just in your room, or parties provided you own a guitar then an amplifier is a must buy to horn up your potentials. We’ve listed some of the finest and best guitar amplifiers available online by famous and trusted brands in India.

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Which Are The Best Guitar Amplifier Brands in India?

However, before purchasing any amplifier, there are three crucial things you should look out for other than the brands, models and features to grab a premium pick.

Types – In the music world, we have four main types of guitar amplifiers: Tube/Valve amplifiers, Solid-state/Analog amps, modeling/digital amps, and hybrid amplifiers. The type of amplifier you buy depends on what you intend to use it for – home use, studio, practice sessions, on-stage performance etc.

Sound Quality – Yes, there are all called amplifiers but each of them has their different sound quality. For example, the tube amp brings to users a genuine and realistic tone while on the other hand, the solid-state amplifiers provide a detailed tonal quality which is easier to maintain. Overall, you should choose a good sound quality to match your level of play.

Speaker’s Size – Another thing to consider before buying an amp, is the size of the speakers. Small speakers do have higher frequencies when compared to larger speakers. It’s true; you can get top-notch sound quality from a 6-inch speaker rather than the 10-inch speaker, but the fact remains that there will be differences in feature.

This is one of the most reliable brands you can get at its price without the absence of excellence and performance as a beginner or aspiring rockstar. The control on this amp is invariably flawless as it comes with a gain, reverb, volume, three-band EQ, FX knob, and Master volume. Adding to that, you will be able to navigate four different channels and also a tuner/tap tempo button.

The FX knob which it features makes it easy for you to navigate through four different effects as you turn the knob.

It is powered by 15 watts of power. The cabinet is designed to look tight and study giving confidence across the board. You don’t have to think that searching around the function of each knob has the use of an easy knob is clearly labelled in that Marshall Black fashion.

The amplifier also comes with a crunch channel which makes use of two degrees of saturation – OD1 and OD2. This gives the privilege to switch between sound qualities.

What We Like
  • The instrument is portable making it travel friendly and expels powerful sound
  • Excellent clean and overdrive channels
  • It designed with a headphone output for silent jam
  • Good quality at an affordable price
  • A durable body builds that allows it to handle the mishaps of setup and travel
What We Didn't Like
  • Its looks may not be quite catchy
  • May not be the best pick for on stage performance
  • To expand special effects, pedals must be bought

1. What is the power of this amplifier?

It makes use of 15 watt audible enough to disturb the neighbors if you play at night.

2. How many Channels are on this amplifier?

You get nothing less than four channels and also a FX knob to help you navigate

3. Does the amplifier have a headphone output?

Yes there is a headphone output at the side of the amplifier which you can use keeping the peace.

4. Who can make use of this amplifier?

Beginners, amateurs, and aspiring rockstars who are on a budget can take advantage of this amplifier.

We are positive that the Marshall MG15CFX is one of the most reliable well-rounded practice amps in India. To some the design looks kind of boring and bland but that raw nature is what makes it look exceptional. It is perfect for home and small band practice.

The Vault fury is yet another brand that brings quality and durability to the frontline. The amplifier comes at a giveaway price that does not entail the absence of high quality. If you’re a professional that needs the entire 30 power watt this amp got to offer during practice or stage performance, this instrument is all you need.

We are positive that it will be close to impossible to get an amplifier with 3-band equalizer, 36-pattern drum machine, eight amp model (chorus, clean, Jazz, blue drive, Metal, Rhythm, Lead and Tube Screamer) all at this price.

Vault fury has something for everyone and not just professionals, beginners also get to enjoy a built-in AUX input which can be used to connect to Androids, IOS, MP3 players and computers for easy audio playback while practicing.

Vault Fury 30 Watt Digital Guitar Combo Amplifier With Effects and 36 Pattern...
59 Reviews
Vault Fury 30 Watt Digital Guitar Combo Amplifier With Effects and 36 Pattern...
  • 30 Watts Output | 8 inches Driver | Guitar in: -22dBu | 3-Band Equalizer, giving you more control...
  • 8 basic amp models (Jazz Chorus, Clean, Tube Screamer, Blues Drive, Crunch, Lead, Rhythm and Metal)...
  • 36 drum patterns to play along with; choose from different rhythms and styles to play with, adjust...
What We Like
  • Good choice for professional who need the 30 watt power for stage performance
  • A handful of effects help to boost the sound
  • Durable and portable
  • Package comes at an affordable price
What We Didn't Like
  • It lacks an on-board guitar tuner
  • It not specifically made for acoustic instrument

1. Is it suitable for on stage performance?

Yes, with his power sound system the vault fury can shake the crowd.

2. Does it have an output for headphones?

Yes, it features a headphone output which you can use to jam your favorite tracks keeping the peace of the neighborhood.

3. Can this amplifier be used with electric guitars?

Yes, It implores a 3 band equalizer which helps to give you more control over your guitar tone.

4. What is the size of the jack input from the guitar?

The size for the Jack input is 6.3mm 

When it comes to audibility, quality and performance the Vault Fury is one brand that is one the frontline. One will expect that for so much quality it has to be highly-priced, but that’s not the case with the fury it offers, not just quality but affordable. Do you like powerful sounds that will pull your socks off? Then this baby is just what you need to help you tweak and create your own sound.

Every musician wants an amplifier that will blend with the tone of the guitar, expelling that crisp, quality and powerful sound. Zabel TG15B brings all this to your doorstep. With 15 watt of power and two channels, you are sure of the quality and powerful sound system for home use, practice session and on-stage performance. It also has different plug-ins for headphones and AUX. The body build comes with a touch of style and has its craftsmanship features a black leather finish.

What’s more? Unlike other brands you don’t have to navigate using the knobs as it comes with a remote that makes you navigate through channels effortlessly. The compact and durable design makes it easy to carry it even through bumps wherever you take your electric guitar.

1. What is the power of this amplifier?

It makes use of 15 watt which can stir up the sound for home use and practice.

2. How is the sound quality of this amplifier?

The sound quality is excellent for both beginners and professionals.

3. What other accessories come with this amplifier?

You don’t need to use the knobs as it makes use of a remote for easy navigation. It also has in-built USB and FM capacities.

4. Who can make use of this instrument?

This amplifier is recommended for beginners, amateur and professionals. There is no limitation to its use whether at home or on stage performance.

5. What’s the price for this amplifier?

This amplifier features quality and affordability. You can check out the price on Amazon by simple clicking on the link we have provided. 

Zabel TG152 is a highly-vetted amplifier brand that has something for everyone whether you’re an aspiring musician, rockstar or just a lover of music. This amp brings the perfect tone to your guitar with a touch of style has it come with a remote that makes the navigation effortless. Are you a musician looking for powerful sound and style? This is an amplifier to consider.
Behringer U-PHORIA UMC22 Audiophile 2x2 USB Audio Interface with MIDAS Mic...
4,248 Reviews
Behringer U-PHORIA UMC22 Audiophile 2x2 USB Audio Interface with MIDAS Mic...
  • Compatible with popular recording software including Avid Pro Tools*, Ableton Live*, Steinberg...
  • Streams 2 inputs / 2 outputs with ultra-low latency to your computer, supporting Mac OS X and...
  • State-of-the-art, MIDAS designed Mic Preamplifier with +48 V phantom power
What We Like
  • Good value for money at its price
  • Built with USB, remote and FM radio capabilities
  • Powerful and dynamic sound system
  • It’s wooden leather finish is catchy to the eye
What We Didn't Like
  • A bit of a disturbance in distortion
  • Input Jack has to be connected firmly

If you’re on a low budget and you want a decent amp with good gain and sound quality blindly go for the Palco Guitar Amplifier. It features 15 watts of power and 12v Direct current at rear battery point which produces powerful and well-toned sound to your guitar play. It features three gain effects – volume, bass and treble controls, which can be of great help to beginners and professionals.

What’s more? It comes with two in-built jacks that you can use to run two instruments, which could go handy for a guitar and a keyboard. When it comes to the body build it’s quite satisfactory as it is designed with a catchy and durable black colour.

  1. What’s the power of this amplifier?
    It makes use of 15 watt of power and 12 volts which will provide that punchy sound for your music
  2. Is this instrument compatible with a cordless microphone?
    Yes, this amplifier is compatible using a cordless mic
  3. Can I use this with both guitar and microphone connected at the same time?
    Yes you can connect two instruments to this amplifier, which is great for beginners practice sessions.
  4. Does it work on both electric and acoustic guitar?
    This product is designed to work excellently for both acoustic and electric guitars
  5. Does it have any effects?
    Yes it features a gain effect, alongside tremble, bass and volume for an appealing music experience.

At this price, this is one of the best qualities of amplifiers on the market. It features makes it perfect for beginners and aspiring musicians, adding the warm tone to their guitar play while they practice or listen to their creativity. Overall, it’s a great choice for practice and beginners.

What We Like
  • The ports and input are great and there is also a line out port which is good for guitar and keyboard players.
  • The sound performance is good, with an
  • AUX-IN for additional connection
  • Compact and study body build
    Pocket friendly when compared to other model offering the same feature
  • Traveller friendly has the size is small for easy package
What We Didn't Like
  • Body built does not come with a sense of elegance
  • The power cord is a bit out of touch when it comes to quality
  • It does not have many channels

This amplifier is a 10-watt model which can be used to practice alone or your band crew. Even though the speaker size for this guitar amp is small and does not belittle the sound, it is excellent for home use and plug ‘n’ play sessions. When you check out the price for this bad boy, you would affirm that it makes sense to buy the amplifier for practice and band sessions.

One would expect that for such an affordable price the features in this amp will be limited, right? But the revision is the case with the Frontman 10G. It features a 2-band equalizer for bass and treble which helps to either dampen or brighten the tone. Its overdrive automatically gives some kind of distortion for rock and heavy metal without the need of a distortion pedal.

Even though this amp can’t shake the whole building like other models that feature a high watt power, you get a reliable sound system with a blissful overdrive, and that is a good deal for an inexpensive amplifier.

Fender 2311000000 Frontman 10G Guitar Amplifier
7,019 Reviews
Fender 2311000000 Frontman 10G Guitar Amplifier
  • 10 watts
  • 1-6 inch fender special design speaker
  • One channel
  1. Can I connect this amp to a keyboard or acoustic guitar?
    Yes you can connect this amplifier to two instruments whether keyboard or acoustic guitar.
  2. Does the package come along with a cable?
    Yes it comes with a power cable. However, another cable would have to be bought separately.
  3. What is the size of this amplifier?
    The size is small, 26cmX26cmX16cm. It’s quite handy to take anywhere and the size does not affect the sound.
  4. Does it have Bluetooth support?
    This model does not have that functionality. 
  5. Does the Fender 10G have a distortion effect?
    Yes, it has distortion which you can use to control bass and tremble alongside a control gain.

Fender is a brand that is renowned for quality and affordability over the years, and this Fender 10G amp is another proof of that culture. This instrument has been vetted by users globally for excellent use both at home and for practice. Coming at an affordable price you can connect this amplifier to a keyboard, microphone, and guitar to blister your music journey. Satisfied users nickname it “small but mighty”.

What We Like
  • The amplifier is portable and durable
  • It has an excellent overdrive switch
  • Fender 10G has an auxiliary input and headphone output
  • Affordable when compared to other brands offering the same features
What We Didn't Like
  • This amplifier has only one channel
  • It may not be the best pick for on-stage performance
  • Reverb effect is not available with this model

Palco is yet another reputable Indian company known for quality guitar amplifiers. This is an excellent product when you talk about durability, compact and performance that is everything and more than the Palco 103 brings to the table. Also, it comes at a pocket-friendly price without compromising the sound quality. It gives clear, warm and well-toned sound thanks to its 6-inch high-quality speakers.

The Palco 103 comes with a hard case that makes it durable and soundproof on all sides. Its craftsmanship implores two inputs, one plug-in can be connected to a guitar, keyboard or other instrument and the microphone can be connected to the other input.

You can use the control (volume and tone) to practice and record tone effortlessly. That’s not all. The amplifier can be easily carried everywhere thanks to its compact and portable pack with a durable handle at the top. With the AUX jack, you can connect the amplifier to your android or IOS for a blissful experience.

What We Like
  • The sound quality is loud and satisfactory thanks to the 6 inch quality speakers
  • Great for beginners, aspiring musicians and practice sessions
  • Excellent response with different plug-ins like microphone, guitar, keyboard etc.
  • Decent and durable appearance
  • Affordable and travellers friendly to carry on the go
What We Didn't Like
  • May not be the best pick for on stage performance
  • It does not have a USB or Bluetooth support
  • This model is a basic amplifier so it does not have the reverb effect


  1. Does it support USB or Bluetooth?
    No, this is a basic amplifier and does not have support for Bluetooth or USB.
  2. Can other instruments be connected to this amplifier?
    Yes this amplifier features two plug-in inputs that could connect a guitar, microphone or a keyboard.
  3. What is the size of the speakers of this amplifier?
    It makes use of a 6 inch quality speaker for a blissful music experience.
  4. Is this amplifier traveller friendly?
    Yes, you can carry this product anywhere and everywhere due to its durable handle.
  5. Who can make use of this amplifier?
    Literally, anyone can make use of this amplifier both beginners, amateurs and professional musician

Are you an aspiring musician or beginner looking for affordability and quality? The Palco 103 matches such requirements. Its 6-inch speakers may not be premium for on-stage performances for professional musicians, but its sound is of immense help for home use, beginners and practice sessions.

The V-tone GDI121 is another model that is highly vetted by users for extreme user friendliness, performance, sound value and affordability.

This black baby is the ultimate choice for musicians, as it provides the opportunity to record your music as you play or perform on stage. It makes use of a 2-band equalizer to further shape your tone and style of play. This model features a truckload of great features like the drive, treble, bass and level to control the tone and sound of your guitar. It makes use of 12v of power output.

The V-tone GDI121 has two plug-ins where you can connect other instruments asides from your guitar like your microphone and keyboard.

  1. Can this model be used for recording?
    Yes, you can use the V-tone to record has this is its unique feature compared to some models
  2. Can I connect more than one instrument at the same time?
    Yes, two instruments such as the guitar, keyboard or microphone can be connected at the same time.
  3. Can this amplifier be used for electric violin?
    Yes, electric violin is a musical instrument so it will work just fine with the V-tone amplifier.
  4. What is the make of this product?
    This product is crafted with a durable plastic that can stand the test of time.
What We Like
  • This model can be used for direct recording
  • Small size makes its portable, compact and travel friendly
  • Great sound system for on-stage performance
  • Affordability without the absence of quality
What We Didn't Like
  • It does not have USB or Bluetooth support
  • Plastic body

Overall, if you want an affordable amplifier that has a touch of sound quality and power for stage performance, then go for the V-tone blindly. At this price, it can’t get better.   

No matter the budget you have at hand, we can boldly say that the list of amplifiers we have provided will meet your musical style and performance. These amplifiers from various brands are highly vetted for premium sound quality, body durability, power performances, affordability with the essential features to make your musical experience blissful.

power case trimmer

Final Thoughts

Overall, the entire guitar amplifier featured in the review has been tested and trusted for sound quality, performance, connectivity and durability. Also, the products are also affordable as you don’t need to pay with an arm for any. Whether you’re a beginner or professional we are sure these 7 amplifiers will meet your musical needs. So, we guarantee quality and performance on any of these amplifiers had they are highly vetted by professional musicians globally.

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