Best Flutes in India
(Comparison & Review)

  • Best Flutes In India Review, Guide, and Comparison

Best Flutes In India Review, Guide, and Comparison

Do you love music, and for some time now, you’ve been wondering which are the best flutes in India? When you come to think about it, you will affirm with no doubt that flutes provide extremely melodious (reminds me the famous Lambi Judai song from Hero movie) and soothing sounds.

There are tons of flutes from vast manufactures all hovering around the market. However, just like the adage goes, many are called, but few are chosen, some flutes stand out from the crowd in India, and there are highly vetted for their performance and quality.

Flutes are musical gears that are crafted from different materials; each of them has its uniqueness. In other words, the kind of sound that will expel from a flute majorly depends on the material.

Now, because we know how tedious and confusing it can be to choose an excellent flute from the many roaming the market, we’ve come up with five best flutes in India that are the reliable when it comes to quality, playability, and performance that will meet your musical needs with a touch of style.

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The 5 Best Flutes in India Reviews

Below are the list of high rated Flutes that are available online in India. If you’re a beginner, learner, or a pro and confused about which is the best flute for you? Then go on and read the article that will help you make a right decision! Feel free to comment the flute of your choice.

Now, if you’re looking for a flute that will be very easy to play and also improve your learning aid, this is one flute you’ll need to stick with. Punam Flute C natural Medium brings a blend of intermediate frequency alongside a rich musical experience.

The flute has something to offer no matter your style – studio recording, classical music, or even orchestra has it blends smoothly with all sorts of music, providing a balance between low and high notes.

One would expect that to whom much is given, much is expected, but the revise is the case with this flute, has it’s a steal for its price.

The amazing thing we love about these flutes, aside from the high quality and performance it offers, is that it features an attractive and durable quality case to store your flute to ensure longevity.


  • Great sound quality and playability
  • It provides an easy learning aid for beginners 
  • Comes with a case for easy storage
  • It is very pocket friendly


The flute is might for anyone, but if you’re a beginner, you will find Punam C quite easy to play has it offers a quick and easy learning aid.

Its craftsmanship, which features high-quality bamboo, makes the sound quality and performance nothing short of the best. You even get a durable case that makes it stand the test of time.

When talking about India’s best flutes, there is a brand that must not be left out, and that’s Sarfuddin flutes. This is a flute manufacturer that doesn’t just have a reputation in India but across the world because their flute features sound quality, performance with a touch of style.

This is a perfectly tuned flute that features a scale C to produce an excellent sound. This flute keynote is G natural, but its design makes it a formidable combo for complex tone and low frequency.

Even though you’re a beginner, this flute gives you a professional result.

It is might for all players; even if you’re just a beginner has it expels soothing, warm, and sweet sound, which is quite peaceful to listen.

Remember, when I earlier mentioned that the material with which a flute is crafted makes it unique. This flute brings to the frontline has it features a 19 inches length and seven finger holes made with high-quality bamboo.

What’s more, it features a durable nylon bag alongside a PVC pipe for safe transit, providing you not only quality but protection. The Oscar about this flute is that you won’t need to pay with an arm because it is very affordable.


  • Comes with quality Bansuri for easy learning aid
  • Its comes with 19 inches making it comfortable and easy to play
  • It is pocket friendly
Sarfuddin flutes, Scale C Natural Medium, Premium Quality (Right Handed) 19...
409 Reviews
Sarfuddin flutes, Scale C Natural Medium, Premium Quality (Right Handed) 19...
  • C Natural Medium bamboo Flute/Bansuri is a professional quality medium sized Bansuri.
  • When the upper three holes are coverd by finger, it’s the Indian C natural medium scale.
  • Sized : 19 inches approx


Sarfuddin flute is a musical piece that beginners will find quite appealing has it features Bansuri making it an easy learning aid for beginners but give a professional outcome.

Even though its keynote is G natural, it still blends with other complex tones has it features a scale C, seven finger holes, and 19-inch length, which gives playability and sound performance.

It’s no doubt that there are several brands in the market, but if you’ve come across Kanha flutes, you will know that there are quite exceptional. Kanha Flute is known for its excellent quality and appearance, which tags along its powerful sounds has it is crafted has an F-scale natural bamboo flute.

If you ask a flutist to recommend a flute for you in a peaceful country like India, Kanha will be among his top list. Why? This is because it is a popular brand. After all, it comes to quality, performance, and style.

This musical gear matches up with the style of great artists in India who plays to their audience’s amazement.

The style here is the traditional Hindustani that Kanha flutes implore in its craftsmanship. The quality here is the premium quality of material used has it is made with Assam bamboo, which provides warm, peaceful, harmonious, and exceptional quality tones.

Unlike some flutes that are mainly built for beginners, Kanha is a concert-quality flute met for players at all levels.


  • Elegant color and bamboo craftsmanship
  • Suitable for players at all level
  • Great quality and performance
Kanha Flutes F Scale Natural Medium Assam Bamboo Flute Musical Instrument Length...
12 Reviews
Kanha Flutes F Scale Natural Medium Assam Bamboo Flute Musical Instrument Length...
  • Material: Assam Bamboo
  • Color: Beige and Red
  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 35 cm x 1.6 cm x 1.6 cm


Kanha is a traditional Hindustani F scale natural bamboo flute that has produces melodious and quality tones. This flute features a high quality Assam bamboo that ensures playability for players at all levels.

So, if you’re looking for something handy and easy to play, then you should consider Kanha.

4. Arctic Swarna Flute - Premium Bamboo Right Hand Flute 19'

It is nice to have a musical piece that will be easy to use and offers fast learning aid. If this is a requirement you’re searching for in a flute, then Arctic Swarna flute is worth the shot. Its designs feature soft organic threading that makes it easy to grip and give a comfortable feel while on the hand.

This flute’s bamboo quality is highly vetted and blends with folk music, concert, and even studio class, which professionals will find appealing.

What’s more? It comes with a durable solid storage case to ensure that the flute is free from dirt and damages.

The amazing thing is that this model is very affordable when compared to other brands in the market.


  • Makes use of organic threading for easy grip
  • Comes with a storage case
  • Blends with all tones and sounds
  • It fits right within everyone’s budget


Now, not every flute available in the Indian market is beginners friendly and easy to handle. But, if you’re a beginner and you need a flute that offers a better learning aid, then Arctic Swarna is worth considering.

Another thing is that it makes use of soft organic threading, which gives it a comfortable feel on the hand.

5. Foora Flutes C Natural Medium Size - Best For Beginner

Foora is a brand that has made quite a name for its products due to the level of quality. Some flutes make use of one natural note. But, Foora is designed with C natural note like in a normal India scale and also a G note, which is produced if the six holes of the flute are covered.

The C note brings out the traditional Hindustani style of play, while the G note unveils the western style. The flute is easy to play has it is designed with beginners and professionals flutist in mind. It features 19 inches length, which makes it comfortable to handle while playing.

This flute’s quality is seen in the melodic and soothing tones that expel out of this musical piece. Another quite amazing thing is that you don’t need to pay loads of cash for these flutes has it comes at a very affordable price with no absence of quality.


  • Designed with C note and G note
  • Excellent sound quality
  • The flute is easy to grip
  • It is beginners friendly
Foora® Musical C Natural Medium Bamboo Flute/Bansuri Size 19 inch (Best for...
11 Reviews
Foora® Musical C Natural Medium Bamboo Flute/Bansuri Size 19 inch (Best for...
  • Excellent For Classical Music,Orchestral Playing,Studio Recording And Other Musical Effects
  • Type: Flute Or Bansuri ,Key Note Or Scale: C,Has Good Frequency And Complex Tone ,Warm,Sweet And...
  • Suitable For Beginners As Well As Professionals ,Made From High Quality Material,Designed For High...


Foora is designed for a vast play style, which is why it features a C note and G note to meet up with diverse musical needs. You don’t go through any hurdles when using this musical piece, has it is beginners friendly and suits the needs of professionals.

The sound quality speaks for itself due to the harmonious and warm tones produced from this flute. If you want a flute that is beginners friendly offers decent sound, and pocket friendly, then this is the flute just for you.

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Common Questions About Indian Flutes

What is a Flute?

A flute is a musical piece that produces sounds from the flow of air across its opening. Flutes are musical instruments from the woodwind group and are constructed with different materials.

What materials are used in Flute construction?

The material with which a flute is constructed determines the type of sound that the musical instrument will produce. The materials used are mostly woods and metals. Woods such as bamboo are used to craft most traditional flutes while other higher-end model features metals like nickel and silver in their construction.

Why learn Flute?

Flutes happen to be one of the oldest musical instruments in history, has it symbolize cultural diversity around the world. Learning to play flute has a way of taking care of the body because of the health benefits of the art.

It helps to promote finger dexterity, good posture, and healthy breathing. Flute playing is an art that requires discipline and patience, which is an ideal attribute for a good work ethic and moral discipline.

Who can play this musical instrument, Flute?

Anyone can learn to play this musical instrument, be it the young or the elderly, comfortable to grip. It is beginners friendly, as you don’t need to go through many hurdles to learn Flute.

Editor's Pick

Punam Flutes features as our top choice. The flute is designed to meet the needs of beginners and professionals. It features Assam bamboo in its craftsmanship, which ensures an excellent sound quality. 

It doesn’t bring sound performance to the frontline but is also designed with an elegant appearance to suit your style. Overall, this flute is worth your money.

Final Thoughts

We’ve provided you with an in-depth review of some of the best Flutes in India that guarantees value for money. Professional flutists highly vet these flutes for quality and performance.

So, you don’t need to fret when choosing from the list we have provided. But if for any reason you’re at a crossroads about the flute to go for, we recommend Sarfuddin flute.

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