The Top Five Coffee Makers in India

The Top Five Coffee Makers in India

For a true coffee connoisseur, having an aromatic coffee in the morning is a great way to start the day. The coffee culture is continuously evolving. Every day new flavour or various options are available to make your favourite cup of coffee.

There are hundreds of models to choose from. It becomes tricky in selecting the best coffee makers in India. But, you don’t need to worry anymore, as you have arrived at the right place. In this blog, we have mentioned down about the top five coffee makers of 2019 that are perfect for you.

Before we jump into the blog, we have some important things to share with you. To know more about it, keep scrolling until you reach the end! 

What is a Coffee Maker?

For years, making a cup of coffee was simpler and easier. The process was basic. All it takes is grounded coffee beans hot water put together in the pot. Cover it with the lid to begin the infusion process. Isn’t it easy? These pots were specially designed for the brewing coffee.

With the advancement of technology in the kitchen appliances, the electronic coffee machines came into the picture. There are many leading coffee makers in India producing different types. Each of these machines uses different methods for brewing the coffee.

Things to Consider in Mind Before Buying a Coffee Maker

If you are an ardent coffee lover, then a constant supply of good coffee is needed. Because of which many people prefer buying a coffee machine for home.

Are you planning to go for it too? Then there are certain things you need to ask yourself know about it before getting a coffee maker.

1. The Purpose of Having Coffee Maker

The first question you need to ask is what the purpose of getting a coffee maker is.

You might want to purchase the one for saving your time in the morning. Otherwise, you are interested in purchasing a coffee machine for home and take it at your work.

 Once you are cleared about the purpose, then it is easy to narrow down the choices.

2. Types of Coffee Maker

There are excellent ranges of coffee machines available in the market. From espresso, French press, filter, cappuccino to any more options.

The type of machine you are opting for depends upon the individual’s coffee preference. If the coffee maker is going to supply to more people then consider going through more options before selecting the one. There are advanced options also provide you with the menu of different coffees.

3. Long-term Costing

Buying a coffee machine is also a long-term investment. The price varies from one brand to the other. If you are going for a supreme quality brand then it is costly. It may or may not give you satisfaction.

It is also possible to buy coffee maker online at an affordable range that gives you full approval for your needs. So, do not think that a costly coffee machine will give you best-brewed coffee.

4. How much coffee do you need?

Selecting a coffee machine with an appropriate choice is important. Additionally, you also have to maintain it for good functionality.

Remember, if you will buy a large one, then the more cleaning and maintaining is needed.

Therefore, think of how many average cups of coffee you need per day. Based on it, decide which coffee makers to purchase.

5. Easy to Clean And Access

Having easy access and no cleaning hassle is an ideal coffee maker for you. Ensure that the appliance you buy fits your lifestyle and the kitchen.

Meaning, you do not need a machine that demands time and cleaning of the carafe every day. Therefore, always weigh down the options and think about what is best for you!

6. Brand

Lastly, buying a coffee maker from a reputed company that fulfils your requirement is essential.

Look upon the reviews and ask your fellow colleagues, friends, and family members for the recommendations.

One crucial thing to remember is that the materials vary from one to the other. Be it the smallest specification, but it matters largely. Hence, go for the brand that is appealing and available at an affordable range.

Five Types of Coffee Maker

Making a cup of coffee in the morning has never been easy until coffee makers appeared. Today, there are various types of options available in the market.

If you are planning to go for the one then you might want to mull over your options. Here are the top five types of coffee makers for home and offices.

1. French Press Coffee Maker

A French Press is famously called cafetière or сafetière à piston. It is an ideal coffee-maker machine for someone who wants small and portable. It is known for giving a strong and aromatic flavour in less time and easy to operate.

The small size of the appliance makes it convenient to carry it during hiking or camping. There are new models of French Press that comes with a flask or mug. That means you can sip it from the same.

If flavours truly matter to you, then with this, you get the nice and concentrated brew. Since the grounds are not separated from the brew, the other cups get a stronger cup of coffee with passing time.

2. Espresso Coffee Maker

The function of the Espresso is a tad different from others. It works on the principle of passing the boiling water in the pressurized form through the coffee grounds.

Unlike any other machine, this one uses coarsely fine grounds so that the steam passes through it thereby giving you a strong and flavorful coffee.

The Espresso has thicker and creamy consistency because of which it is used for many beverages like a latte, mocha, and cappuccino.

 There are many sub-categories within the Espresso maker. They are various models that give different functionalities. Some of them are a great coffee maker for home while some for offices.

3. Single Serve Coffee Maker

As the name suggests, single serve coffee makers offer you a single cup of brewing coffee. It is an excellent option for individuals who need a small one for their tiny space. Compared to Espresso and French Press, it is an affordable option to purchase. What we really liked about this machine is that it is compact and gives you a fresh cup any time of the day.

4. Auto Drip Coffee Maker

In auto drip coffee maker, water is poured on the ground coffee beans, which are placed inside the filter. This will create infusion and water catches the oils and essence of the coffee beans.

 This will pass through the filter and goes into the carafe. It is a good choice for people who need a regular supply of coffee. Depending upon the size and type of the machine, one can get 1-14 cups of with one-time brewing.

5. Vacuum Coffee Maker

Last but not least, vacuum coffee makers are an absolute delight to the eyes. Besides, brewing aromatic coffee, it has two carafes where the water is held on the ground while the grounds are on top. When the bottom is heated, the water is moved to the top carafe where it softens with the water. Once the heat is turned on, the filtered coffee is back at the bottom ready to serve.

Top 5 Coffee Maker in India for 2019

For several people, a good cup of coffee in the morning makes their day. Sipping the best coffee every day might not be possible. But, thanks to the coffee maker, it has made everything a lot easier. All it takes ten minutes and your brewing coffee are ready.

It is a tricky task in buying the best coffee makers in India, especially for the newbie. It is little time consuming, as there are hundreds of models available. We have narrowed down our top five picks.

1. Philips HD74a31/20 700-Watt Coffee Maker (Black)

If you want the best tasting experience in the coffee, consider getting Philips HD 7431/20. It is a drip coffee maker machine that has a sleek body and easy to clean set up.

It comes with the AromaSwirl nozzle that blends the filtered one with the coffee in the jug. The best thing about this maker is the brewing process can begin anytime you wish to drink the coffee.


• Drip stop to interrupt brewing anytime

• Illuminated power switch

• Clip-on filter holder

• LED power switch

• Water level indicators

• For easy cleaning, dishwasher safe parts

• Water capacity tank of 0.6 L

Product Information

• Model – HD 7431/20

• Power – 700 watts

• Operating Voltage – 230 volts

• Weight – 1.62 Kg

• Warranty period – 2 years


• Easy to use

• In-built filter

• Compact body

• Coffee Spoon

• Durable glass jug

• Simple to use controls


• Short length wire

• No beeping sound when it’s ready 

2. Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 Drip Coffee Maker (Black)

Preethi Café Zest CM210 Drip Coffee Maker uses the fine filter that also uses the minimum residue in preparing the coffee. It is made with the heat resistant high-grade plastic and coated with the Polyester Mono-Filament.

This machine is super quick to clean. It also uses the jar of 500 ml that shall prepare around 450 ml to 250 ml coffee.


• Best for South Indian Filter Coffee

• Ergonomically designed chromed handle

• Anti-drip system

• Switch with the power indicator

• Water level indicator

• Heat sensitive thermal fuse

• Heatproof with high-grade plastic

• Makes five cups of coffee at a time

Product Information

• Model – Café Zest CM210

• Power – 450 watts

• Operating Voltage – 230 volts

• Weight – 1.31 Kg

• Warranty period – 1 year


• Heat sensitivity

• Micro-fine filter

• Shockproof ABS body

• Stylish and compactable


• Average quality

• Not preferable for large families

3. Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker and Travel Mug

É by the Nescafe is the next generation smart coffee maker that you can take a long while travelling. It is lightest in weight and compact enough to fit inside anywhere in the kitchen. The shape of this machine is of travel mug which itself makes it look appealing.

One can use it through the Nescafe É connected Mug app. It comes up with the measuring spoon and Bluetooth docking station. There are wide ranges of recipes to try. Whether creamy or frothy, latte, cappuccino – you get all through this smart machine.


  • Pairing it via Bluetooth
  •  100 % spill and leak proof
  •  Heating and frothing features
  •  Thermal insulation
  •  Creates within 60 seconds
  •  Allows you to discover Nescafe É friends and love for coffee

Product Information

  •  Model – É by Nescafe
  • Power – – 600 watts
  •  Operating Voltage – 220-240 volts
  •  Weight – 948 g
  • Warranty period – 1 year
  • Temperature range – 20°C to 60°C


  • Smart coffee maker with Bluetooth connectivity
  •  Portable and compact
  •  Thermal insulation
  •  100% leak proof


  •  Not suitable for families and offices
  • Cleaning is a tedious task 

4. Coffeeza Lattice Coffee Making Machine

If you want to indulge in the barista style coffee then Coffeeza Lattiso is a perfect option for you. Costly, but gives you exceptional flavour every time you make it. It also comes with the Nespresso capsule pod that is compatible.

From Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano to Ristretto – you can prepare anything within 4-7 minutes. The modern glossy design is inspired by the Italian design that matches up with any kitchen or office.

  • Features
  • Compatible with both Nespresso and Coffeeza original coffee capsules
  • 19 Bar Italian pressure
  • Elegant design
  • Machine provided with the milk frother
  • Free 10 capsules in the box
  • Detachable drip tray and grid
  • Built-in flowmeter
  • Provides 20 cups a day

Product Information

  • Model – Coffeeza Lattiso with 19 bar pressure
  • Power – 960 – 1145 watts
  • Operating Voltage – 220-240 volts
  • Weight – 4 Kg
  • Warranty period – 1 year
  • Warm up time – 45 seconds
  • Removable water tank – 0.65 litre


  • Smart coffee maker with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Portable and compact
  • Thermal insulation
  • 100% leak proof
  • Consumes less power 
  • Makes Espresso, lungo, cappuccino 


  • Not suitable for families and offices
  • Average build quality 

5. Solimo Zing Coffee Maker, Black

The Solimo Zing Coffee Maker gives you freshly brewed coffee within 7 minutes. It is a smart appliance that maintains your java at the optimal hot temperature. Besides temperature, the machine takes care of the hygiene and quick to clean the filter.

There’s also a drip stop function that will stop the dripping it as soon as you remove the carafe. The stellar looks and aesthetic design will uplift your kitchen with elegance. There is a water level indicator and illuminated power switch and wipe cleaner for convenience.


• Drip stop function

• Ideal to brew black coffee

• The removable plastic filter chamber

• Stylish design

• Illuminated power switch

• Food safe

• Easy to clean

• 600-watt motor

• 600 ml Carafe

• Brews 4 cups of coffee within 30 seconds to 7 minutes

Product Information

• Model – Solimo Zing Coffee Maker

• Warranty period – 1 year

• Temperature – 70°C to 80 °C


  • Perfect for black coffee
  • Quick to clean and food safe
  • Affordable price


  • Does not keep coffee warm for a longer time 

Benefits of Having a Coffee Maker

Do you really need to buy one? Can’t you just grab a cup of coffee from the nearest cafe every day or take it from the machine in the office? Well, you can do that. But then it wouldn’t be the ‘perfect’ cup of coffee, would it?

Here are some benefits why people buy coffee makers for themselves, even being nearest to the cafeterias and shops.


Think of it this way. Right now, you leave your house at least fifteen minutes earlier every morning so that you stand in the line at the cafe on the way to work for your cup of coffee.

But once you have a coffee maker at home, everything becomes quickly. You save time, and it becomes a lot easier to get your cup every morning; no parking troubles, no lines in the cafes, no stress over not having a change, etc.

Saves Money

If you count the amount you spend on coffee every day, you’ll be stunned to know. Hence, buying an appliance that saves money worthy.  You can make more cups at home in the money you spend outside for a cup of coffee. Sometimes, regular java packets that give around 6-8 cups of coffee cost the same as a single cup of brew from a cafeteria.

Saves the Environment

While most cafeterias will have recyclable cups these days, wouldn’t it be nicer if the world didn’t have to face this problem in the first place? You won’t be taking paper or plastic cups here as you can simply get your own flask for daily use; plus you are not even paying extra for the plastic cup on a daily basis.

Sets an Impression

Regardless of whether you live alone or with a family, a coffee machine is a good investment to have for when you have people over. If you live alone and work from home, then it saves you multiple trips down to the shop. And if you are a family and have guests or colleagues coming at home frequently, then a cup of coffee is a great way to take your social gatherings forward.

The Perfect Cup

You cannot ignore this important benefit. When you have a coffee maker at home, you have the choice of getting the java beans from anywhere in the world into your kitchen to make a cup of coffee that you truly like. You won’t be restricted in terms of taste and availability in a cafeteria. In other words, you get the kind of coffee YOU want.

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