Best 5 Classical Guitars in India (Comparison & Review)

  • Your Search for Best Classical Guitar in India Ends Here

Your Search for Best Classical Guitar in India Ends Here

A guitar is a stringed instrument that professional musicians use to enhance their sound quality. The instrument usually makes use of 6 fretted strings, which you play by plucking them.

There are different types of guitars – Acoustic, electrics and even Ukuleles. All have their own uniqueness in terms of playability. For instance, acoustic guitars don’t really need electricity before they can amplifier sound, whereas for electric guitar the reverse is the case. Nevertheless, no matter your choice, it is naturally easy to understand and learn after diligent practice.

But there are several classical guitars all over the internet, and finding a brand with good quality and performance can become a very tedious task. There are brands that are trusted when it comes to durability, quality, and playability. On the other side of the fence, there are other brands which should be avoided because they are of low quality and also can’t stand the test of time.

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Nevertheless, you don’t need to fret about making the wrong choice, because after thorough research we’ve come up with 5 best classical guitars available today in India, that are highly vetted by Indian music loves for quality, durability, playability and affordability.

Whether you are looking to get your five years old who is a beginner at guitar or perhaps you’re a professional in need of some serious kit, we’ve got something that we meet your requirements. These classical guitars are all great and pocket friendly.

How We Choose Best Classical Guitars?

We don’t just go about picking the best classical guitars in the market. Instead, we spend more of our time on research and testing. We also put into thoughts other characteristics players at any levels would be looking out for in a classical guitar. These five guitars that we selected meetup quality, durability and affordability that we can confidently announce as best rated classical guitars in India.

There are a lot of guitar brands all over the market, but Kadence is one brand that stands out. They are known for quality and performance and that is exactly what Kadence KCLO1 replicates.

Its craftsmanship features both rosewood and mahogany. The neck is made of mahogany which ensures good sustain, while the fretboard is built out of Rosewood for redefined sounds. As a beginner or aspiring musician who is on a slim budget, getting a gear that has quality and affordability is something to look out for. The Kadence KCLO1 meets such requirements as it is very pocket friendly even for low budgets.

Like other premium guitars it makes use of 6 nylon strings that expel warm sounds with strong midrange focus. Beginners and even some pros, do like to play with surmountable amounts of force and that is why it features a spruce top to retain the quality of sound.

Unlike some guitars that cause a lot of fatigue to the hand when playing, you don’t have any of that experience with Kadence KCL01. This classical guitar can easily be carried around even for individuals that have weak hands as it weighs just 2kg.

Kadence Professional Nylon String Classical Guitar With Truss Rod KCL-01
Kadence Professional Nylon String Classical Guitar With Truss Rod KCL-01
What We Like
  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Well-built body finish and design
  • It is designed with truss rod which makes the neck easily adjustable
What We Didn't Like
  • Tuning pegs need to be adjusted frequently
  • The strings could break easily without caution


The Kadence KCLO1 is a guitar that is highly vetted by users for quality, performance and affordability. So, if you’re someone that is in need of a gear with such requirements, then this classical guitar is an ideal choice.

Do you have a kid that loves guitar and you’re in search of the right gear for him? MA34-N is all that you need to make that child smile. On this side of the fence, simplicity is what this guitar is all about. It’s the perfect beginner classical guitar for kids who want to horn up their skills and creativity.

This guitar is made of nylon strings ensuring that the sound it expels is nothing short of quality and calm. Aside from the MA34-N being beginner friendly we love the fact that this beautiful guitar is very easy to carry around, thanks to its light-weight design. It is termed a junior classical guitar because it is suitable for kids of all ages, no exceptions.

Aside from quality and simplicity, the price of this guitar is very affordable. You don’t need to pay with an arm for this guitar; it’s simply a steal at this price. So, if you’re in search of a guitar for your kid or that special child all you need is Music Alley MA34-N. You won’t just be making the kids guitar experience free of hustle but would also be saving some cash you would have spent in other brands that offer less.

Music Alley MA34-N Classical Junior Guitar (Natural)
3,421 Reviews
Music Alley MA34-N Classical Junior Guitar (Natural)
  • 34" junior-size classical guitar with nylon strings
  • Guitar's light weight makes it easy to hold
  • Only 2.12 pounds
What We Like
  • Suitable for kids with little hands
  • This guitar is pocket friendly even for low budgets
  • It makes learning easy, as it is easy to use.
  • Its body design is durable and can stand the test of time
What We Didn't Like
  • This guitar strings are weak
    MA34-N is a beginner guitar recommended just for kids.
  • You may need to buy a tuner


Overall, looking at its size this is a guitar we will recommend for kids but if you’re a beginner yourself and you don’t mind the small size and also don’t pluck strings too hard, then this might also work for you. It’s an affordable guitar with no absence of quality for the kids. This guitar is a recommended choice for the kids.

3. Alvarez RC26 Classical Guitar - Comes With Bag

This is a guitar that will keep players at all levels, beginners or pros excited with quality sound from day one. The Alvarez regent series is a classic guitar that embeds a lot of features and playability that is expected from a classic guitar. Starting with its body build, it makes use of different woods in its design. The top is made of spruce, the neck and sides are made of mahogany, while the bridge and fingerboard is made of Tech wood. All of this is to give you that natural and warm feel has you plug the strings.

Beginners will find this guitar quite appealing as its design makes it very easy to carry around and it weighs just 2.5 kg, making it comfortable for even individuals with weak hands.

What’s more? With Alvarez durability is the word of the day. That is why this guitar comes with a quality waterproof guitar case for ample protection against any weather condition. One would expect that who much is given, much is expected but that is not so with this guitar as it is very affordable.

Alvarez RC26 6 String Classical Guitar with Gigbag - Natural Gloss
1 Reviews
Alvarez RC26 6 String Classical Guitar with Gigbag - Natural Gloss
  • DIMENSIONS:-- Length: 979 mm | Width: 368 mm | Scale: 650 mm | No. of Frets: 19 | Nut width : 52 mm
  • Top Wood: Spruce | Back & Sides Wood: Mahogany | Top Finish: Sunburst/Gloss | Neck: Mahogany, Satin...
  • Shape: Classical | Strings: D'Addario EXP | Bracing System: Traditional Spanish Fan System | Nut &...
What We Like
  • Good sound quality and performance
  • Affordable price
    Well-built design and durable body finish
  • It can be used by both beginners and professionals
  • Comes with Alvarez guitar case for ample protection
What We Didn't Like
  • The top is not strong enough
  • It requires a tuner


The Alvarez Regent Series is a brand that stands out from the crowd. It doesn’t just offer style and quality but also durability that will prolong the lifespan of the gear. This is a guitar you can take anywhere because it also comes with a premium quality case that is waterproof for ample protection. You don’t need to pay a load of cash for this guitar as it is pocket friendly. So, if you’re concerned more about good sound and durability, then this is a brand that matches those requirements.

Music World is a renowned brand known over the years for quality when it comes to professional guitar. This classical guitar is not an exception to that tradition. Its body makeup features a blend of mahogany, spruce and rosewood to give that exceptional tonality to your guitar as you play.

This is a guitar might for both professionals and beginners as it embeds a friendly user interface that is very easy to learn. Its string like most professional guitars is 6 nylon strings that give you a feel of confidence when you play. Its durable mahogany and rosewood body will make it stand the test of time as you use the instrument over the years.

Looking at its price, we would say without any doubt that this is one of the most affordable guitars that a beginner or professional can come across. Its blue glossy finish gives it a touch of style that will make you feel like the pro that you are even before you get to use it.

What We Like
  • The Guitar has an excellent sound quality and tonality
  • It is quite affordable compared to other brands
  • Excellent glossy finish and style
  • This guitar can be used by players at all level, no exceptions
  • Its light-weight design make it easy for mobility
What We Didn't Like
  • It doesn’t come with a Gigbag
  • It doesn’t come with a tuner
  • The neck is not durable


If you’re just starting your guitar journey and you’re in search of a guitar that is simple and wouldn’t cost much, then I recommend you go for this guitar. It has all the features that a beginner guitar is expected to have that will make you guitar experience blissful.

5. Yamaha C80 Classical Guitar - Award Winning Brand

Yamaha is a reputable brand that is known globally for electronics like keyboards, amplifiers and guitars. The quality of their product had made a name for their brand over the years. Yamaha C40 was a good guitar that satisfied users but the Yamaha C80 is simply astonishing when it comes to build and quality, tone, playability and performance.

The C80 is crafted for players at all levels (beginners and professional) and this guitar is easy to use even for those that are looking to hone up their playing skills. Its build is lightweight making it effortless to carry and play for hours without any hand fatigue especially for those with weak hands.

The guitar is made with a combination of different kinds of woods. It makes use of plus nato for the back and sides of the guitar, quality spruce is used for the top while rosewood is featured for the fingerboard and bridge. All of this is to ensure outstanding tone and playability.

Yamaha C80 Full Size Classical Guitar, Natural
31 Reviews
Yamaha C80 Full Size Classical Guitar, Natural
  • Award-winning classical guitar range
  • 2-ply nato back and sides for improved durability and tone
  • Quality tone woods and outstanding value
What We Like
  • It is great for beginners has it offers a fast learning aid
  • Excellent wood and sound quality
  • It has a very good resonance for longer duration
  • Guitar is very easy to carry due to its light weight design
What We Didn't Like
  • It doesn’t come with a tuner
  • The guitar does not come with Gigbag


Conclusively, Yamaha C80 is a classical guitar that speaks for itself when it comes to quality sound and durability. It is meant for anyone whether beginners or professionals. This is a guitar you can use for years because the wood quality and build is great and at this price, it’s a steal.

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Common Questions About Classical Guitars

What's a classical guitar?

A classical guitar has unique specific features in its makeup. It is designed with 6 strings made of nylon or any other material. The body of a classical guitar is symmetrical which is made of wood that comes in different kinds - Plywood, Mahogany, Rosewood, and spruce. With this kind of guitar there are no electronic plug-in has the volume comes from resonance in the guitar body.

How do I choose a quality guitar?

The quality of a guitar depends on a number of criterions such as the sound quality, volume, wood, tuning, durability etc. But, the foremost is the sound quality. The wood used in the craftsmanship of any guitar has a huge role to play in the sound and tonality that expels such guitar. For example, guitar made with plywood has a lower sound quality than those made with mahogany. So, you should keep in check the woods used in making a guitar before you make your pick. However, premium guitars like the ones we have highlighted in the review make use of a combination of wood like mahogany, rosewood and spruce to ensure the best sound quality.

Why do classical guitars have wider necks?

The neck of a classical guitar is always wider compared to others in order to allow one finger to press down a string without having to come in contact with another. It also gives some kind of comfort to the hands while you play.

What is the best guitar for kids?

Beginners like kids need a guitar that can assist their learning aid, carry around with ease alongside good sound quality. All of these features and more is what you can get on the Music Alley MA34-N which is specially crafted just for kids.

Final Thoughts

All the classical guitars that have been featured have our top picks are classical guitars that have been highly vetted by users globally for sound quality, tonality, durability, playability and alongside affordability.

You get the best woods when it comes to body makeup and sound quality – Mahogany, Rosewood and Spruce. So, have no doubt and go on for that purchase. Have a blissful musical experience!!!

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