Expert Reviews 9 Best Air Purifiers In India – Comparison & Price Guide

Expert Reviews 9 Best Air Purifiers In India – Comparison & Price Guide

The Daily Degradation in Air Quality

Let’s face it. The air quality, today, isn’t even borderline close to what it was a decade ago. In fact, it isn’t even as clean as it was five years ago. And, in spite of this, few are the steps that have been taken to contradict the effects that poor air quality has on us, and on the environment, in general. And, due to this, we are constantly breathing in highly contaminated air.

Controlling The Effects of Air Pollution

Now, there are two major heads under which all measures for controlling pollution can be categorized. These are external and internal measures. External measures work by controlling the effects on the outside, i.e., outside the confinements of homes. However, there are quite a few solutions that are actually feasible enough to be implemented by us.

This, however, isn’t the case for internal measures. Internal measures refer to the solutions that we can implement straight from the confinements of our homes. As a matter of fact, there are a myriad range of such solutions that are available. And one of the most prominent solutions amongst these is the usage of air purifiers.

What are Air Purifiers?

A mention about air purifiers should be enough to pique your interest regarding them. However, a lot of you might still be confused about the technology behind these air purifiers and how they work. Fret not, for we have covered it all. In fact, the answer to what air purifiers are and how they work is much simpler than you think.

In simple terms, an air purifier is basically a piece of technology that purifies the air. Quite simple, really. These purifiers work by trapping the minuscule airborne particles, capable of contaminating your home airspace. These contaminants could be of various types such as dust, mold spores, dust mites, chemicals, odors, and such. An adept air purifier traps all such particles and ensures that you have a cleaner breathing environment at your homes.

The Important Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying Air Purifers

Now before you dive into the world of air purifiers and eagerly start to choose that purifier of your choice, you need to understand that choosing an air purifier isn’t as easy as it seems. In fact, you might be flabbergasted at the number of choices available out there. You might even be unable to choose amongst the humongous choices of purifiers out there.

However, you don’t need to fret. Simply by knowing a few important factors before buying, you can easily buy that perfect air purifier of your needs. In fact, there are only three important factors that you need to be acquainted with. Here are those factors:

  • Type of Filter – The type of filter that you use determines the effectiveness of an air purifier.
  • Performance – The performance of the air purifier is measured in CADR or Clean Air Delivery Rate and ACH or Air Changes Per Hour. It is important that you become highly acquainted with these as companies often choose to remain silent on one of these two factors.
  • Certifications – Certifications are highly important as they affirm the genuineness of a product. There are two major certification standards, namely AHAM and China certification.

The Greatest Air Purifiers On the Planet

Upon considering the state of air pollution in our country, we find ourselves back on our introductory paragraph. And, by doing so, we can affirm confidently air purifiers have become a necessity in our lives today. More so in the cosmopolitan cities, which serve as the prime hub of all human activities and occupations. These cities are known to generate a higher carbon footprint, leading to a greater contribution to air pollutants. And this is what affirms the importance of air purifiers in the world today.

If you’re a person living in particularly polluted areas and you don’t own an air purifier, well, it’s high time that you got one for yourself.

Luckily, you don’t need to go helter-skelter in search of that best air purifier. We have already done the deed. And in our research, we found the 9 most magnanimous air purifiers available in India. All that you need to do, is choose the one most suited for your needs. Here is the best air purifier in India.

  1. Mi Air Purifier 2S
  2. Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier
  3. Eureka Forbes Dr. Aeroguard SCPR 300
  4. Honeywell Air Touch A5
  5. Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD
  6. SHARP Air Purifier (FU-A28E)
  7. Kent Aura Portable
  8. Atlanta Healthcare Beta 250
  9. Daikin MC30

These are the best room air purifier that you procure for enjoying the best quality of air. Let’s check each of their specifications, pros, and cons so that you can decide which one of these air purifiers could be the best for you.

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Mi Air Purifier 2S

About: Now, who amongst us would be unaware of the tech giant Xiaomi. The company, responsible for revolutionizing the entire mobile device industry, requires no introduction. With their newest offering, i.e. the Mi Air Purifier 2S, the company has also stepped into the field of lifestyle and Smart Home devices. And it does the same in the most innovative way possible. With the inclusion of features such as OLED displays, laser particle sensors, a 360-degree air control, and effective hands-free control, the Mi Air Purifier 2S is certain to suck out all the detrimental elements in your home atmosphere.

Specifications: Now, you already know about the features which make the Mi Air Purifier one of the best air purifier for home. However, it is time that we discuss, at length, about the underlying features of the mi air purifier and how they add up to quench your needs from an air purifier. Here are the specifications:

  • The OLED screen prominently displays the PM2.5 levels.
  • Advanced detection detects additional details such as temperature and humidity.
  • Equipped high-precision layers prevent particles even as small as 0.3μm from escaping the purifier’s gap.
  • Rapid CADR technology purifies the entirety of your room within minutes to present you with a delightful aroma in your home interiors.
  • A 3-layer purification level ensures that no particles are found gallivanting around in your room.
  • Smart control from the Mi Home application eliminates any movement for controlling the appliance. One-touch on the app and your purifier settings will be changed from anywhere in your home.
  • Amazon Echo Dot connectivity furthers the remote control advantage, taking it to a hands-free level. Just say your instructions out loud and Echo will fulfill them effortlessly.
  • Careful engineering ensures minimum noise levels ensuring that the mi air purifier works without boasting about its achievements.


  • Easy to install and carry.
  • Elegant looks enhance the ambiance of your house.
  • Impressive air control ensures that all harmful particles are removed in a jiffy.
  • Smart control eliminates your need for movement for changing any settings.


  • The filter needs to be replaced frequently, often to the extent of every 2 months.
  • Procuring the replacement filter is quite difficult, as it is often unavailable on the official online stores.
  • Connecting the air purifier with the Mi Home app is quite challenging for non-tech-savvy users.


Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier

About: The second air purifier on our list comes as an offering from Philips. One of the most trusted brands in India, Philips takes the air purification game up a notch with its AC1215. With highly advanced Vitashield Intelligent Purification systems and an aerodynamic design, this philips air purifier is capable of sucking even the most harmful contaminants out from the air. Even contaminants such as formaldehyde and TVOC. Moreover, its enhanced NightSense mode furthers the purifier’s performance during the night. The NightSense mode effortlessly cleans out and makes the room ready within a matter of minutes for a night of peaceful sleep. Furthermore, as you sleep, the appliance constantly keeps monitoring the bedroom air quality to keep delivering fresh air over to you.

Specifications: A lot of us would argue that the Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 is one of the best-designed air purifiers available right now. But, it isn’t just a pretty face. This philips air purifier comes equipped with a majority of specifications to amplify the entire experience while providing you with the required clean air. A few of these specifications are:

  • With variable wattage ranging from 11-50 watts, the purifiers ensure that all particulates are rapidly cleared out from your room.
  • The prominent 4-color quality indicator displays all control features, including the real-time feedback, 4-color quality indicator, touch panel UI, etc. from a single deck.
  • The powerful Vitashield IPS technology ensures that even particles as small as 0.02 microns are unable to escape from the air purifier.
  • Inclusion of extra-thick HEPA Series 1 filters is a testament to efficient purification and lifetime of the product against airborne particles.
  • Diligent air protects features to notify you before you need to replace the filters to ensure constant efficiency.
  • A powerful child lock further ensures that no unintended changed are made in the purifier.


  • Quite easy to clean and maintain.
  • Rapid work functions ensure that your room is cleaned within a matter of minutes.
  • Automatic night mode traversal dims the lights ensuring that the lights are not hard on your eyes.
  • Easy filter replacement ensures that you don’t need an individual manual for the same.


  • The sensor often malfunctions and fails to display clean air levels even after functioning for several hours.
  • The NightSense mode lights often stay on even when the air purifier is placed in a well-lit room.
  • The customer care service provided is below average for various areas.


Eureka Forbes Dr. Aeroguard SCPR 300

About: Often, there are situations in which we forget the shut the air purifier down after its required use. In fact, it is such situations that we wish that our air purifiers shut down as soon as this period is over. And this is exactly what the Eureka Forbes Dr. Aeroguard SCPR 300 is adept at doing. With the help of an inbuilt timer function, this eureka forbes air purifier works as long as required and shuts down exactly when you need it to. Moreover, with a timer range of 1-12 hours, you can easily use this at night wherein you can sleep peacefully while it runs through its course and shuts down as required.

Specifications: As great as the auto-shutdown feature may be in this air purifier, it isn’t the only feature, available in the air purifier. In fact, there is a myriad other range of specifications that make this eureka forbes air purifier one of the greatest purifiers. These specifications include:

  • The one-touch programmable panel ensures complete control over the purifier, all within just a touch of your fingers.
  • A whisper-quiet operation technology ensures that the air purifier does not interfere with your work functions with constant sounds.
  • Continual air-quality detection keeps detecting the quality of air so that you are constantly protected against harmful particles hovering in the air.
  • Pre-equipped time management functions allow you to program your work schedules into the air purifier and use it according to your convenience.
  • Compactness in design ensures that you don’t have to worry about the purifier placement.
  • Finally, an efficient sleep mode ensures that the air purifier gently shuts down and during the night and drifts off to sleep, as you do.


  • Being one of the quietest air purifiers, this room air purifier never disturbs you as it works on with its daily tasks.
  • With elegant looks and compact design, the products look good while doing what it does the best.
  • The included 1-year manufacturer warranty takes eliminates all problems that you might face during this period.


  • A mediocre customer support from Eureka Forbes has been a constant source of problems for a lot of customers.
  • Lack of a dedicated remote control system often makes the operation a difficult task for all customers.


Honeywell Air Touch A5

About: To say that the Honeywell Air Touch A5 has a unique design would be a huge understatement. The product has been planned out in the most innovative ways for enabling optimum air circulation around the entirety of the room. With a design that is as awe-inspiring as this, the Air Touch A5 provides a seamless product experience, all of which has been designed by keeping in mind the needs of the customers and the company’s User Experience principles. With a product that is completely do-it-yourself, propagates easy usage abilities, quick filter replacements, lack of sharp edges, an anti-fall design, and zero filter exposure, this honey well air purifier certainly takes care of all needs that people might have.

Specifications: As we talked about widely in the previous paragraph, the Honeywell Air Touch A5 has been designed specifically in a way to make it appealing and resourceful to the masses. In doing so, the purifier has been fitted with all the features that are particularly required by people. Here are a few such features that come along with the honey well air purifier:

  • 3D Air Flow technology puts air vents on sides of the purifiers, enhancing the suction of polluted air as clean air is passed on to every corner of the room.
  • A three-stage advanced filtration technique ensures that this air purifier for home even removes pollutants such as VOC, formaldehyde, and toxic gases with 99% efficiency.
  • Easily washable pre-filters allow the air purifier to easily removes all larger dust particles such as pet hairs, soil, etc.
  • Low power consumption rates and high-filter life of 3000 hrs ensures that the purifier can be used for longer periods while generating a low running cost.
  • An aerodynamic fan design ensures that the fan functions at its best without consuming excessive amounts of power.
  • Included child lock filters ensure that your toddler doesn’t interpret the product to be a toy and mess around with the designated settings.


  • Competent air purification provides comfort even to those people living in highly polluted areas.
  • The effects of purification are noticeably witnessed even in the most polluted areas.
  • Easy cleaning allows you to clean the filters as effortlessly as your air conditioner.
  • Tactful sensors duly record all instructions and follow them to provide you with the most prominent of experiences.
  • A high value for money product.


  • Although advertised to be extremely silent, the air purifier still emits significant amounts of noise when operated at its maximum speeds.
  • Major uses dictate the filter to be changed frequently, with some changes requiring a change every three weeks.


Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD

About: The belief that air purifiers are merely a means to a more purified air source is quite widespread. A lot of people further believe that they aren’t the end product. Panasonic, however, refuses to comply with such a belief. With the goal of providing a better life to its customers, the company contributes greatly to creating a better world for all of them. And it one such contribution that birthed the Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD. First impressions of the Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD might make you think that it is an air purifier for home like any other. However, the uniqueness of this product lies within its Nanoe technology. Nanoe technology works by releasing OH radicals in water molecules to increase the effectiveness of odor and bacteria removal. When they combined the same with electricity, the company created a technology capable of purifying your device without wearing it. Furthermore, this eliminates the need for periodical replacements.

Specifications: Once you become acquainted with the Nanoe technology, the Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD certainly feels to be a quite unique product. In fact, it might even seem more unique than the other products of this list. However, Nanoe technology isn’t all that the air purifier has to present. There are many more secrets that are hidden within the hull of this product. Here are some of them:

  • Effective pre-filters ensure that even the minute particles present in the air, such as hairs, etc., do not go untapped.
  • A 2-year filter life further reinforces your bond eliminating your need to worry about changing the filters or obtaining frequent periodical replacements.
  • The inclusion of a Turbo Mode ensures that even massively polluted rooms are purified in a matter of minutes.
  • With a 1-year warranty on the product, you won’t ever have to worry about the damages inflicted upon it.


  • The fitted highly-durable and genuine HEPA filters ensure that you don’t need to procure periodical replacements.
  • At merely 4.2 kgs, the purifier feels quite light and compact and can be easily relocated as needed.


  • The service support provided is often less than average in certain locations.


SHARP Air Purifier (FU-A28E)

About: Every time that we converse about products from SHARP, it is easy as well as quite difficult. Easy because it is easy to know what they do and how they do it all. But it becomes difficult when taking an in-depth survey of their products. And this is, particularly, because their products are nothing short of all-rounders who are capable of providing the best of services that are available out there while retaining their uniqueness and originality. And the SHARP Air Purifier (FU-A28E) is no different. With exemplary features accompanying a compact design, it does not come as a surprise that the sharp air purifier retains its tag of being one of the best air purifiers available in the market.

Specifications: SHARP’s introduction is laid out, mostly by the award-winning products that it launches all year round. And these products are made special by the specifications within them. And leaving this list without discussing the specifications of the sharp air purifier would, undoubtedly, be a huge deal-breaker. Therefore, here are the specifications that make this purifier one of the best purifiers of the market:

  • By combining Active and Passive Purification systems, the purifier essentially takes care of all dust particles by systematically filtering them.
  • The Active plasmacluster eliminates all forms of smell, toxic gases, VOC, pathogens, and other particles present in the air as well as on the surface level.
  • The presence of a Passive HEPA system traps all PM2.5 particles, smoke, house dust, pollen, and other such heavy particles present in the room.
  • Being designed akin to nature, the Plasmacluster technology ensures that all the processes are devoid of any artificial or harmful purification processes.
  • With a child-safe certification, you can place this product in your child’s room without worry about his/her safety.


  • Silent work processes of the appliance ensure that you won’t be disturbed by the purifier’s functioning.
  • Adept ionizer performance furthers the assurance of the lack of dust particles within the room.
  • Being packed with performance, the purifier also extracts all dust particles even in the most polluted of rooms and cleans them within minutes.
  • It provides great value for money ratio.


  • The cost of a replacement filter is too high to be deemed feasible for all users.
  • With lights that are incapable of being turned off, this purifier is sure to trouble you while you are sleeping.


Kent Aura Portable

About: Kent is another widely acclaimed brand that has been constantly serving our country for numerous decades. Having associated deeply the field of purification appliances, particularly water purifiers, the company has been constantly helping people to get access to cleaner and better resources. And it was in this strive that they launched the Kent Aura Portable air purifier. Highly renowned ever since it was made public, the Kent Aura Portable air purifier comes with an advanced HEPA technology that capable of removing up to 99% of particles from the air with the help of its 3-step mechanism. Moreover, its advanced filter also ensures that particles greater in size than 0.3 microns such as dust mites, mold spores, pollen, and all such face an impenetrable barrier, preventing them from escaping back.

Specifications: While the above-mentioned features are certainly quite important in their own right, they are just a minuscule part of the product. These features are powered by specifications that actually lie within the hull of the purifier. These include:

  • The coverage area of more than 290 sq. ft. ensures complete protection for all rooms.
  • Equipped HEPA technology efficiently tracks and traps all harmful pollutants.
  • Specially treated carbon filters absorb all foul odor, all oxides of sulfur, cigarette smoke, and such, providing an aromatic smell in the room.
  • A one-touch child lock feature ensures that you do not disrupt the system while the purifier is placed in their rooms.
  • A 1-year warranty finally sweetens the deal, taking care of all problems faced by the product.


  • An effective, must-have product for people who constantly with respiratory problems.
  • Good build quality protects the purifier from sustaining any major problems.
  • It provides a fresh breath of air even in the most polluted environments.


  • The availability of cheaper options tends to drive customers away.


Atlanta Healthcare Beta 250

About: When the topic of the Atlanta Healthcare Beta 250 arises, one simply has to talk about the state-of-the-art, iCluster technology that it brings along with itself. The iCluster technology is an advanced form of technology, firmly capable of eradicating all air pollutants present within your home. And it is according to this technology that the air purifier brings in a 7-stage carbon purification, with a pre-filter, HEPA filter, anti-bacterial filter, activated carbon, photo-catalyst oxidization, UV light and ionizer, and much more. The combined help of these filters traps all particulates such as bacteria, viruses, malodors, smoke, and other such harmful pollutants. And it replaces all these with clean, fresh-smelling air that completely energizes your being.

Specifications: Atlanta Healthcare Beta 250 is easily one of the best air purifiers available. And you might already be aware of this with the features that have been mentioned above. However, they are not all. It is time that you became acquainted with the other features:

  • Capable of providing purification for up to 350 sq. ft. makes this purifier perfect for all rooms.
  • With 3 fan-speed modes, the purifier rapidly purifies even the dirtiest of rooms.
  • The filters take care of all particles involving gases, smoke, bad odor, allergens, and other air-borne infectants.
  • A pre-equipped night-mode keeps the air purifier running even while you sleep.
  • With a wide range of applications, this air purifier can be used in various avenues such as day-to-day operations, industrial uses, healthcare, lifestyle, etc.


  • Fan noises are barely noticeable even at the maximum speeds.
  • Compactness ensures that the purifier takes up less space, allowing it to fit in any room.
  • The simple operation removes any problems that customers might have in operating the product.
  • Rapid performances ensure that a polluted room gets purified in no time.


  • The night mode dims the light but doesn’t put it out completely, making it quite bright for a lot of customers.
  • The AQI sensor is basically an automated time-based indicator which changes color, irrespective of whether the room has been purified or not.


Daikin MC30 Air Purifier

About: With the Daikin MC30, we arrive at the final air purifier on our list. Like the other air purifiers mentioned, this daikin air purifier has also been highly acclaimed owing to its powerful purifying abilities. Amongst the various features, the one feature that truly grabs your attention is the True Electrostatic HEPA technology. This HEPA technology enables the purifier to track and display pollution levels, adjust purification speeds, etc., all while being incredibly silent. As a result of features like this, Daikin MC30 becomes a perfect companion for small rooms and offices.

Specifications: The former paragraph already lets you know the features that make the daikin air purifier one of the most powerful air purifiers. Now, it is time that you knew about the other features that make this purifier so powerful. Here they are:

  • A prominent PM2.5 sensor lamp constantly checks the pollution levels.
  • True Electrostatic HEPA technology captures minute particles including dust, pathogens, allergens, smoke, pollen, etc. while lessening the filter clogging.
  • Dedicated anti-pollen mode becomes highly advantageous for people in high pollen level areas.
  • An auto-fan mode determines the pollution levels and accordingly adjusts the fan speed.


  • Silent operation ensures that you won’t be disturbed by fan noises.
  • Being quite compact, you can conveniently carry the purifier wherever needed.
  • Rapid cleaning makes this purifier an effective product for people suffering from dust allergy.


  • The filter requires periodical changes, often requiring changes in two months.



The constantly increasing levels of air pollution have elevated air purifiers into a necessity now. And it was keeping this in mind that we prepared this list, so as to provide you with easy access to the various air purifiers available out there. However, it is now time for you to decide the best air purifier for yourself amongst all these. Depending on factors such as your tastes, preferences, budget, etc., choose the product that will the most effective for your needs. Moreover, you should also factor the features, pros, cons, etc., that have been provided above to you.

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