The 7 Phenomenal Garment Steamers In India

The 7 Phenomenal Garment Steamers In India

Imagine this.

A few days prior, you received an invitation from a highly prestigious company for a job opening. An opening which a majority of your peers could only dream of. In fact, you are overwhelmed with delight as you prepare for the interview. You try to check all the boxes as you try to look your best, such as purchasing striking clothes for yourself, preparing for the questions, and such. However, just as you’re about to wear the clothes, you feel that they emit a bland aura and appear to be hanging off from your body like dead skin.

Or take a look at this scenario.

It is a breathtaking evening. As you lower your gaze from the sky, you take one last look at the ring. You’ve finally convinced yourself that tonight is when you would finally propose to your significant other. As you try to look at your best, you again find yourself with a pair of bland-looking clothes. And mind you, these clothes are sure to bring down the mood of your party. We have reviewed the best garment steamers available today in the Indian markets.

Clothes play an important part in all occasions. These are the prime aspects with which people judge you at first-time meetings. Therefore, you will want to make sure that your clothes are in order by being properly touched-up and de-creased before you make those moments that you want to relish for the rest of your lives. And what better way than a garment steamer to accomplish this.

The Top 7 Garment Steamers In The Market Right Now

The market, today, is filled to the brim with garment steamers – some mediocre, other exemplary. Resultingly, you will need to scrutinize before you can actually purchase one of them. Luckily, we have done the needed to bring forward 7 garment steamers which are selling like hotcakes in the Indian market right now. Here are the steamers:

  1. Skyline VTL-5102 Garment Steamer
  2. Russell Hobbs ECO Garment Steamer
  3. Maverick Portable Garment Steamer
  4. Portable Garment Steamer by Fidrox Imperia
  5. Orpio Label Portable Handheld Garment Steamer
  6. TOUA Handheld Garment Steamer
  7. Black+Decker Cord and Cordless Steam Iron

1. Skyline VTL – 5102 Garment Steamer

About – When you’re looking for best garment steamers, there are hardly any products which you will find to be as easy to use as the Skyline VTL – 5102 Garment Steamer. An ideal product for all last-minute touch-ups, this is one steamer which ensures security with functionality. The steamer comes with a ceramic-coated baseplate which allows you to safely smoothen out your clothes so that you look the best then you can, not only your special days but every day that you wear the said clothes. With an additional brush accessory, the steamer also ensures a smooth finish for your clothes so that you never find yourself with uneven clothes for any occasion.

Specifications Skyline VTL – 5102 Garment Steamers is equipped with the most useful specifications. The most important of these include:

  • A ceramic-coated baseplate which ensures safety for your clothes when you are steaming them.
  • The steamer is powered by a robust 1000 W motor to ensure rapid steaming for your clothes.
  • With a high-capacity 60 ml tank of water, the steamer ensures you to comfortably steam all your clothes at a single go.
  • The steamer uses a spray and steam burst functionality which ensures that all your clothes are cleaned evenly.


  • An easy-to-use product, you won’t even require an user-manual to operate the steamer.
  • With a quick and efficient cleaning service, the steamer ensures that you don’t have to waste long periods for the steaming process.
  • The high-capacity tank ensures that you can steam all your clothes at one go without needing you to go back and forth for refilling the tank.


  • The greatest con for this steamer is the low-quality material used for its build. This often becomes a reason for the displeasure of a lot of customers.
  • Even though the tank has been created to accommodate copious quantities of water, it often leaks water which, again, feels displeasing at the best when it is used.

2. Russell Hobbs ECO Garment Steamer

About – The ECO Garment Steamer is one which you get when you want to make steaming an effective, but more importantly, a safe process as well. Developed to appropriately let the right amount of steam, the steamer ensures that all wrinkles from your clothes are effectively let out and smoothened to give you a dashing look every second of your day. Furthermore, the steamer serves multiple purposes on its own. Not only is it capable of smoothening your formals, but it is quite effective for your jackets, gowns, and suits as well. With high-stability wheels that ensure a tightened grip over the equipment, the ECO Garment Steamer provides a delicious cherry on top of the cake.

Specifications The ECO Garment Steamer provides you with a vibrant box that is filled to the brim with useful accessories. Apart from the mandatory steamer and steam tube, the box contains various other products such as a pant press, a fabric brush, a user manual cum warranty card, a pole stand, and a hanger clip.

Apart from these, the other features that you get with this garment steamer include:

  • With the help of temperature control, the steamer easily removes even the most rigid of wrinkles.
  • With a tank capacity of 1600 ml, the steamer ensures that you get all wrinkles removed without needing to take a break.
  • The machine is equipped with an 1800 W power supply that evenly smoothens even the most stubborn of creases.
  • Finally, with the help of an auto shut-off safety feature, you can rest assured that the machine safely turns off when all the water runs out.


  • The ECO Garment Steamer is highly effective and easy to use the product.
  • It produces high returns for the money that you spend on it.


  • The steamer leaks water, particularly when you’re done using it and store it.
  • It also lacks proper instructions for usage and installation along with it.

3. Maverick Portable Garment Steamer

About – When you find yourself needing a steamer in the comfort of your home, you are covered for the most part. But what about when you’re traveling? How are you going to steam your clothes then? Luckily, we have got you covered there with the Maverick Portable Garment Steamer. One of the most powerful portable steamers out there, the Maverick Portable Garment Steamer is the most apparent choice for your home and travel purposes. Being highly easy to use, the steamer heats up extremely fast, leading you towards solutions with a wide range of fabrics such as garments, bedding, table linens, drapery, and much more. With an hassle-free approach towards steaming, the Maverick Portable Garment Steamer provides your clothes with a crisp and polished look anytime and anywhere that you want. Read our review on this portable garment steamer below

Specifications The most striking aspect that you will notice about the Maverick Garment Steamer is its face steaming abilities. Composed with certain skincare options, the steamers also allows you to cleanse your skin with it. Apart from this, the steamer also introduces you to a truckload of various other specifications that include:

  • Weighing merely at 0.65 kgs, the compact steamer is a perfect companion for all your needs, wherever you need it.
  • With rapid heating abilities, you can get all your steaming tasks done enabling to find more time for the more important things in your life.
  • Find yourself with striking and wrinkle-proof clothes once the steaming process is complete.
  • With a tank capacity of 200 ml, you receive a constant rate of superb performance which is quite safer than alternative steaming methods.
  • The steamer is designed with an elegant body certain transparent areas so that you can firmly know as soon as you need to refill water into it.


  • With a light, sleek nature, the steamer does not become a hassle at all when you carry it around with yourself.
  • The features provided alongside the steamer are totally worth the price.
  •  With an automatic switch-off feature, the steamer ensures a safe shut down as soon as the water present within the tank is exhausted.


  • The steamer fails to impress with its poor build quality rendering it a short-lived product.
  • At certain intervals, the water present within the tank starts to leak from the sides.

4. Portable Garment Steamer by Fidrox Imperia

About – Another massively popular garment steamer which has often stolen the limelight from other garment steamers is the Portable Garment Steamer by Fidrox Imperia. This steamer, too, serves a multipurpose role for it perfectly plays the role of ‘good cop, bad cop’. Good cop because it is safe enough to be used even on delicate fabrics, particular silk. And bad cop because it is tough enough to rid you even from the creases that occur on your linens.

Moreover, it works perfectly for all the fabrics that lie within these. This becomes particularly useful when you need to smoothen the fabrics which do not allow disapprove ironing on their surface. However, the most apparent feature which you witness from this steamer is its portability. By being designed specifically as a companion for travel, the Fidrox Imperia Portable Garment Steamer ensures that you will never have to take any heavy, unwieldy irons along with you on your trips.

Specifications When you receive the Portable Garment Steamer on your doorstep, you might feel that it is another generic steamer. This is mostly due to the minimalistic approach that has been implemented while designing its package. However, how it fails to excite you here, it makes it up quite elegantly with the features that it brings along with itself. Here are few of those awe-inspiring features:

  • With an equipped ceramic-coated soleplate, the garment steamer ensures that all your garments, be it linens or silk, are properly protected in the smoothening process.
  • The powerful 650 W motor at the core of the garment steamer further enables you to get rid of even the toughest of creases from your clothes.
  • Embedded within the heart of the steamer lies a 10 ml water tank which is perfectly capable for holding enough water to perfectly steam all your last-minute needs.
  • Additional features such as an indicator light, a spray, and a steam burst will ensure that you never have to worry about evenly smoothening your clothes.


The Portable Garment Steamer brings numerous appalling features along with itself. The most notable of such aspects include:

  • Easily applicable for all forms of garments that you own or will ever own.
  • The powerful motor included within the hull of steamer ensures that you will never have to wear uneven or creases clothes again.
  • The adept spray and steam burst further ensure that your clothes are even steamed out.


Like the various other aspects of our lives, the Portable Garment Steamer also brings certain grave flaws along with itself. The particular aspects of the steamer which wasn’t up to the mark at all, included:

  • The water included which is provided with the steamer is merely of 10 ml. As of result of this, you will need to make constant refilling trips if you need to steam a large batch of clothes.
  • The steamer also lacks an auto-shutdown facility. As a result of this, the steamer does not shut down even when the water present in the tank has been exhausted. This could potentially damage the steamer in the long run.

5. Orpio Label Portable Handheld Garment Steamer

About – If you limited us just to a single word for describing the Orpio Label Portable Handheld Garment Steamer, the word that we would use would, unequivocally, be rapid. The Orpio Label Portable Handheld Garment Steamer is one of the fastest garment steamers, which claims and accomplishes to smoothen your clothes in a matter of minutes. As soon as you connect the steamer to a power supply, it merely requires a couple of minutes to produce a continuous jet of steam at a high temperature and pressure.

Apart from this, the steamer is quite renowned as well for its ergonomic vertical design and body. The shape of the steamer makes it easy for you to iron all forms of clothes which have a vertical design, particular suits, trousers, etc. Furthermore, the product also comes with an impeccable iron brush which, apart from the obvious ironing, also takes care to sterilize those clothes that have been lying dormant in your wardrobe for a while now.

Specifications There is one aspect of the Orpio Label Portable Handheld Garment Steamer which makes it quite different from the other garment steamers which are present on this list. This is the lack of a soleplate. Owing to its design, the steamer can work perfectly without the need to being stuck with a heavy soleplate. At the same time, it also takes care to allow you to work perfectly with all types of fabrics without damaging any part of the cloth. Apart from this, the various other specifications which are loaded within the steamer include:

  • A jubilant temperature control feature ensures that all your ironing and steaming needs are easily quenched in a matter of minutes.
  • The powerful 180 W power consumption functionality effortlessly smoothens all your fabrics.
  • Quick heating abilities that adeptly sterilize your clothes ensuring that you always get to wear that pretty dress, irrespective of whether it has been unused for a while.
  • A 200 ml tank within the steamer also ensures that the steamer is sufficient for you to steam a substantial quantity of clothes.

Pros The Orpio Label Portable Handheld Garment Steamer yielded numerous benefits during our review. A few of the benefits that make it an exceptional choice for your needs are:

  • By heating up in a few minutes, the steamer ensures that you effortlessly steam your clothes even at the last minute.
  • With adept cleaning abilities, the steamer also takes care of the strongest of oil stains, dirt, and mold spots as well.
  • Easy tank replaceability ensures that you will never have to face any hassles while refilling the water.
  • The 200ml large-capacity tank ensures that you have enough water to prevent incessant trips for refilling the water.
  • Exemplary temperature control on the steamer ensures perfect sterilization so that your body is always free from any harmful microorganisms.

Cons However, the Orpio Label Portable Handheld Garment Steamer also brings in various shortcomings with itself. The most prominent of these are:

  • Lack of warranty is the first aspect from which customers shy away from. If the steamer ever gets damaged, you are left with an undamaged and unusable product.
  • There is no self-cleaning feature within the steamer requiring you to manually clean the steamer which, quite frankly, is quite time-taking.

6. TOUA Handheld Garment Steamer

About – Next on our list comes the TOUA Handheld Garment Steamer. This steamer shares a unique similarity with the Orpio Portable Handheld Garment Steamer. Like the latter, this steamer has also been designed to easily allow you to smoothen your clothes that have developed in a vertical shape. The Orpio Portable Handheld Garment Steamer, however, can do all that and more. Its hybrid approach and design allow you to perform your steaming horizontally as well.

Additionally, the TOUA Handheld Garment Steamer further allows you to effortlessly clean and smoothen your clothes with the help of the 1500 W powerful motor that has been fitted within its hull. Other aspects that the steamer claims to provide include a perfect anti-leakage and anti-water design enabling you to easily use the product for cleaning all your fabrics ranging from cotton, wool, polyester, plush, silk, fiber, nylon, linen, and much more without worrying about water spills.

Specifications The TOUA Handheld Garment Steamer is one such steamer which quickly attracts all your attention towards itself. There are various reasons as to. A few of the most prominent specifications which attract your attention are:

  • The ergonomic design allows you to effectively steam your clothes vertically as well as horizontally.
  • The 1500W power consumption functionality allows you to easily penetrate all fabrics to their deepest layers.
  • With a 260ml high-capacity tank, the garment steamer ensures that you always have enough water to smoothen all your clothes at one go.
  • An anti-leakage and anti-water breakage receptacle top all this off to cleanly smoothen all your fabrics.

Pros The aforementioned astounding features make the TOUA Handheld Garment Steamer highly beneficial choice for you. Few of the myriad advantages include:

  • The easy usage of the steamer ensures that you don’t need to read hundreds of manuals before you understand how it works.
  • With its weightless body, the steamer further ensures that you don’t feel tired at all even after long periods of single-handed usage.
  • The curvature of the steamer’s body ensures that you can make better contact with the fabric’s body to produce better ironing and steam effects.

Cons However, the TOUA Handheld Garment Steamer also bring along certain prominent shortcomings with itself. A few of these shortcomings include:

  • Though it acclaims to provide a hybrid horizontal and vertical function, the steamer prevents you from enabling both the functions at the same time.
  • Furthermore, the anti-dripping capabilities which the steamer claims about, falls apart frequently during the steaming process.

7. Black+Decker Cord and Cordless Steam Iron

About – Most garment steamers which have read about on this page serve a unary function, i.e., they only help you with the part concerning steaming. It is to change this that Black+Decker introduced their Cord and Cordless Steam Iron. As apparent from its name, the steamer elegantly combines the features of a traditional iron with a modern steamer. Moreover, it takes a step further to provide you with the ability to eliminate all cords, providing you with the freedom of movement.

An included charging base allows you to rapidly heat the iron. As soon as it does so, it indicates the same with an indicator allowing you to effortlessly start working on your clothes. As the non-stick ceramic soleplate retains sufficient heat, it effectively begins to smoothen out all the wrinkles while providing you with features that allow you to control the steam, spray mist, temperature, and such.

Specifications The Black+Decker Cord and Cordless Steam are filled to the brim with an insane amount of features. These features include:

  • The iron operates at 1500W of power allowing you to remove all wrinkles from your clothes with ease.
  • The ceramic soleplate fitted at the bottom of the iron enables ease in smooth guidance of the motor.
  • Staying true to its steaming roots, the iron also provides spray and steam functions.
  • The included cordless feature rids you from the need to stay rooted near a circuit board.  
  • An auto-shutdown feature ensures that the iron shuts down as soon as it is sufficiently heated.


The various features provided with the iron drag in innumerous benefits along with itself. A few of the most prominent ones include:

  • The powerful 2200W functionality ensures that you rapidly get your work done.
  • The aerodynamic design and ceramic soleplates make you feel as if you’re gliding through your fabric as you perform your ironing and steaming activities.
  • The auto-shutdown feature ensures that iron does not get too hot to damage the fabric as well as itself in the long run.
  • An accompanying 2-year limited warranty seals the deal by taking care of any problems which you face during this period.


The Black+Decker Cord and Cordless Steam Iron brings only a single con along with itself. A majority of steamers face this problem, i.e., it often starts to leak the water which is stored in its tank. As a result of this, the water often gets in the way of you ironing and steaming, reducing the caliber of results that you might have otherwise received from your products.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Garment Steamers In India

Is a garment steamer better than a traditional iron?

A garment steamer and an iron both help to smoothen your clothes and provide you with wrinkle-free clothes. However, ironing does require a certain level of skills and practice before you can use it to properly iron your clothes. Moreover, an iron is preferred if you want to remove wrinkles from thicker clothing.

A garment steamer, on the other hand, allows you to easily smoothen any clothes without requiring you to learn any special skills. When it comes to last moment smoothening, a garment steamer does the same thing that a traditional iron does, more easily.

Can my garment steamer clean my clothes?

Yes and no. A garment steamer does help you to clean you clean your clothes, but it also has its limits. If you consider bad odours or germs and bacteria, then a garment steamer can work effectively to remove such elements. To get the best results, you should try to use the garment steamer consistently after 2-3 minutes.

However, if you want the cleaning process to go deep down into the clothes and perform intense cleaning, you should always go for traditional or dry cleaning.

Which are the aspects that I should keep in mind before purchasing a garment steamer?

You don’t need to consider a lot of factors before you purchase a garment steamer. However, a few of the most prominent ones that you should keep in mind, include:
Type of Fabric – The type of fabric that you want to steam is the first aspect that you should check while choosing a particular garment steamer.
Water Capacity – The capacity of the water tank is an important factor for any steamer. Make sure you choose a steamer which can sufficiently accommodate the required quantity of water.
Fabric Sustainability – Before you can purchase your garment steamer, make sure to check if your fabric can sustain the effects of steaming.
Auto-Shutdown Feature – An auto-shutdown feature is an important aspect for all steamer. Not only does it ensure the product’s durability, but it also plays a large role in rendering a good steaming experience. This is a must-have feature that you should have in your steamer.
Budget – Before you purchase a garment, you must set a definite price range in your mind. Often, you will find that cheap garment steamers perform little in terms of functionality. Likewise, expensive steamers often turn out to be simple mistakes on the company’s part. A good exercise would be to choose a steamer which has served you or your peers well in the past.

What type of water should I use for my steamer?

For your steamer, you should unequivocally use distilled or at the very least, filtered water. Never use tap water as tap contains innumerous impurities within it which can stick to the walls of the steamer. This can hugely affect the durability of the product in the long run. Moreover, this could also damage the fabric which you want to steam.

Can a garment steamer harm my clothes?

Too much of anything in our lives is harmful. Similarly, the application of too much heat on your clothes could certainly damage the quality of the fabric used in developing the cloth. The most prominent negative impacts that you would experience are the loss of colour and lustre. Therefore, you should use caution while using a garment steamer.

Is a garment steamer worth it?

Whether a garment steamer is useful for you or not, totally depends on your tastes and preferences. Moreover, it also depends on the circumstances upon which you would be steaming. Factors such as the frequency of steaming, type of fabric, the effects products by traditional irons, and such play a vast role in helping you understand if a garment steamer is worth it.

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